I was missing at the Sun and Bass festival this year, so I was happy to have opportunity to talk about festival with my friend DJ Blofeld who was performing his set at Ambra Day on Thursday evening. There is no need to introduce Sun and Bass festival, so let’s go straight to the interview. If you want to know more about festival, you can check my review of last year’s festival.


Hi Blofeld, always nice to meet you. Can you introduce yourself little bit for those who don’t know you?

I am an evil genius hatching plans and schemes for complete and utter world domination of course! Haha, but no really, let’s be serious. I DJ a lot in Prague for local DnB scene. With my mates from Liquid DnB crew we promote our club nights in Cross club: Double Trouble and Liquid Flights. Also I am rare Czech DJ who has a radio show on a worldwide online radio station, legendary Bassdrive.com.

I know you have been to Sun and Bass festival last week and it was your first time, tell me your impression.
Oh my god. Man. The Sun and Bass is best holiday in a paradise for anyone who loves quality Drum and Bass. There is no festival in the whole world that can come close to this. If I can summarize Sun and Bass to single statement, it would go like this: Sun and Bass is a festival without a backstage for VIP artists, because the whole festival is like one big backstage where everybody meets, drinks and have fun together. True bliss.

I saw a line-up and it was huge! So straight to the question, who had the best set indoor and outdoor?
Ha, I knew you gonna ask me some tough questions. This is no doubt an Impossible Mission level of difficulty. There is ton to see at SaB and I definitely didn’t see all of it, instead I opted to check things I haven’t seen ever before. For example I was completely blown out by DJ Randall. Man, they don’t call him DJ’s DJ for nothing. On top of brilliant mix and selection of epic proportions he was surrounded by the likes of Fabio, Goldie, Dillinja, Etherwood, Riya, Commix who all came down to see Randall performing. And that’s just the tip of an iceberg. Also this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds, so, you better make your mission to go to SaB next year to see it for yourselves.

Wow, that’s cool! And how did you enjoy your performance at Ambra Day? Did you stream live to Bassdrive?
Yeah, we streamed the whole thing. It was Bassdrive Sessions after all! I was given a chance to open up the whole day and my set collided with DJ Marky closing up another location in town at the same time. So I was bit worried about the turnout. In the end it didn’t even matter, as my crowd consisted of my friends, who came down to support me at Ambra Day. Shouts go to Bassdrive crew, Midn8runner, Macca, Loz Contreras, Kasper, Liquidators Crew, JBG and Bassdrive massive tuning in worldwide.

Sun and Bass is about meeting other people from the DnB scene. Did you meat somebody really special?

Aw hell yes! I have met ton of friends in real live who I knew from online world. Happy times! Also meeting some legends like Jumping Jack Frost, Bryan G or Randall was quite a memory as well.


Last year I really liked whole DnB crew from Brazil, they are so hearty. How were they this year?
Haha, they hyped up the atmosphere at Ambra Night every time. What a crew! Though some people were bit annoyed by the vuvuzela guy, but hey, it was all about the fun and hype, so it’s all cool with me.

What about Ambra Night, last year it was closed, and everybody was disappointed. Everything was back in normal this year?
Yeah, majority of the nights were back at Ambra Night and one moved back to Ripping because heavy rain was expected.

I heard there was little bit tricky weather. Did it cause any troubles?
Not really. I experienced only one surprise rainy night at Ambra where garden had to close up for an hour or two and then it went back to normal, and DJs decided to squeeze their sets into b2b sessions.

Anything else, you would like to highlight about festival? I know we could talk about it whole day…
Everyone who goes there makes this their vacation. Including all of the performing artists. Where else in the worlds can you bump into some legends on the street, have a chat or even make some plans for BBQ later. Amazing times!

So what about next year, are you in again?
The trip is quite the burden for your wallet for sure. But the minute I landed home I set aside some money for Sun and Bass 2017 fund. I will be there no matter what and I suggest you do the same!

Thank you very much for the interview, I’m happy to see, that you have enjoyed the festival so much. Let’s meet there next year!


Check this THX video from Sun and Bass team.

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