What comes to your mind, when we say Spectrasoul? We hope that it is great work made by one English duo, which has given us such gems like Away With Me, Light In The Dark or quite underestimated roller Mimic. If you focus on their production, you know that Jack Stevens – one of the two – decided to go his own way last year with brand new name – a tight fitting alias “Workforce. Does this mean the end of one legendary duo? We don´t know.

But we can guess, that if you are diving as deep as Jack honestly is, you hardly find the time to do anything else. Especially if you run your own label Must Make Music and produce your own music as if you were on a treadmill. And besides that you are preparing progressive Must Make Podcasts, where you invite special guests to have deep talks about different kind of musical issues with heavyweights like dBridge, LSB, DRS or Alix Perez (you should definitely check the last podcast with the boss of 1985 label).

So that we don’t need to bode, it is better to concentrate on what is going on under Jack’s hands right now: Late Night Soundtrack. This project is a collection of some of the first tracks he has completed as a solo act, which came together in over a year long period. In addition to the three EP’s Jack has released, he has added 3 new tracks: Heart Crossed, Really Obnoxious Rich Kids and Love Gone. The latter is pure diamond. Its intro will slowly pull you into suggestive atmosphere and its electrifying line in the background makes you listen to this track repeatedly. Respect, Jack, this is really something!

It is worth mentioning other tracks we could hear separately on the last EP´s. Fragments shows elaborate work with the body of the track and excellent narration, which carries you somewhere to distant corners on the melody, that is slightly melancholic, but not sad. Similarly, Cheap Love: a very deep contemplative affair. It was an absolute necessity, that it had to be accompanied by Del Rok Ski (it is also interesting to hear commentary on this track).

The whole album is gentle, discreet and has an unobtrusive ability to cause alpha waves to oscillate in a focused listener´s brain. At the same time, it shows an unprecedented depth, beyond which we can feel the effort to get to the very essence of the creative process. It thus transcends the boundaries of ordinary schematic work and shows, that art can be an adventurous journey, regardless of whether you go into the outside world or deep into yourself.

Listen / Download: https://workforce.bandcamp.com/album/late-night-soundtrack

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