Online music streaming is on the rise, yes. And Spotify is on the rise pretty much these days. Even me, I’m big fan and frequent listener of Spotify. I’m not Apple guy and somehow I prefer Spotify over Google Music. There is almost all new Dnb music on Spotify, and some old classics are getting re-released digitally (eg. some Signature Recordings music). Why not…

But there are few things that drive me crazy about Spotify. Here they are.

Artists profiles

Sometimes when I want to listen to the music of my favorite DnB producer I just search his/her profile and play music from “popular” section. How big is the surprise, when I get some heavy rock or rap music instead of some fine DnB. Yes, many artists with the same name from different genres are mixed together under one profile. So then you need to play specific album or EP, no chance to listen from “popular” section. Perfect example from DnB area is producer Sonic, try it… Would it be so hard to somehow distinguish between artist, for example to assign them to specific genre?


Only info about releasing label is at the end of every album or single. But it is not possible to search, filter and play tracks according to the releasing label. This is quite essential in electronic music. In DnB, every label has its own music style and flavor, so I believe lot of fans would love to discover new music through playing all releases of specific label. Yes, you can follow user (profile) representing label, but this user must exist and maintain playlist with all the music released under this label on Spotify. Very often it is not complete and actual and so on. Just imagine how easy would be add this functionality to Spofity. Look at Soundcloud, how convenient it is. Please…

Listening of singles

Some DnB artists have no or just few albums, but incredible amount of singles (eg. Artificial Intelligence). And very often single has just two tracks. So when you want to listen to all singles at once, it is just not possible. You need to come to your device and select next single after every two tracks. Almost like listening to the vinyl :-). I understand from licencing point of view, it is hard for Spotify to come with “Play All” option, but st least for singles, it would be great.


Hey Spotify, I believe the effort to fix above mentioned would be minimal, joy of listeners (at least DnB) would be maximal ;-).

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