You should listen to the new City Soul EP from Hugh Hardie to understand how talented this young producer is. I had a chance to talk to this guy during last Sun and Bass, and it was a big pleasure for me. Only thing he didn’t tell me, that he can skateboard so well 🙂 Just check videos below. I follow his music from the moment I heard his tracks Kyoto City and Tearing Me Apart. Still one of my all time favorite pieces of DnB. And I think we can expect more incredible stuff in the future. Big up Hugh!

You can find more about Hugh’s journey and DnB scene in Cambridge in two videos from Hospital Records – part 1 and part 2.

My personal favorite track from this EP is Light It Up. It is exactly what I like about Hugh’s music. And moreover you can see how to design you own skateboard.

You can check nice Benji Clements vocal and pretty good skating skills of Hugh in Everything Was Nothing video.

Cooperation with another rising star Silence Groove is the title track of the whole EP, filled with sunshine, nice piano and beautiful bass line.

Check the last track Shudder, buy EP nad listen here:

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