If you don’t have time to regularly listen to the new releases of DnB music (and trust me, it is tough to catch up with everything on the scene right now), probably the best way for you is to choose your favorite podcast. I have tried to sum up the best what you can find on the internet. There is no special order below, podcasts are sorted how they came up in my mind. From all existing podcasts I tried to feature just those, that are little bit regular. Under every podcast you can find link to the latest show, but go and dig deep into the history, there are gems to be discovered. Enjoy!


Music Intelligence Podcast

Yes, this is my podcast, so I have put it first 🙂 Monthly selection of the best deep, liquid or – as I prefer to call it – intelligent DnB. I try to comment every track to give you some context, so expect little bit of talking. From next podcast November 2016 in English language.

Hospital Podcast – London Electricity

True podcasting veteran, passionate music lover and supporter of the whole DnB family. Yes that’s Tony Coleman aka London Electricity and his legendary podcast. If you need some love, go and tune to this podcast. Celebrating already 300 episodes few months ago. Expect new music from Hospital and all other labels, vinyl sessions, dub plates, lot of guests and never ending stream of energy from Tony. Just expect lot of talking, but that’s what we love abtou it. So go and leave him some shout out!

V Recordings Podcast – Bryan Gee

Another great veteran. I just love his voice and energy from this podcast, it is so nice to hear somebody who loves his job like Bryan does. Expect lot of V Recordings / Liquid V / Chronic / Prilly Blunt music as well music from other labels. Usually first hour full of liquid rollers followed with second hour with harder DnB. You will hear some exclusive tunes several months before official release.

Subfactory Radio Show – DJ Spim

Bold head, funny laugh and lot of drunken Stellas in this smooth liquid ride. Maybe it is weird, but I really like the voice of this guy! And not only voice, the music is so good. Mixture of new releases with all-time classics and other low-profile releases. Regular show streamed live on Bassdrive.

Night Grooves – Intelligent Manners

You won’t probably understand a lot in this podcast, because it is in Russian, but don’t worry, there is not so much talking. Weekly portion of intelligent DnB in perfect mix straight from Saint Petersburg – radio Megapolis.

Human Elements Podcast – Makoto & Velocity

Japanese DnB guru Makoto supported by Velocity serves one of the finest selection of DnB music. Few podcasts were in English but recently it is just in Japanese. But anyway music is incredible. I’m so happy anytime I see this podcast in my SoundCloud stream and then I usually listen to this around five times.

Random Movement Podcast

This dirty talking ginger guy from USA knows what is good music. Definitely the best podcast from behind the ocean. Incredible amount of ‘unknown’ music that will drive you crazy, because it is so good … and you don’t know it. Lot of exclusive stuff from Flight Pattern Records and other labels.

Find podcasts here: http://www.randommovement.org/category/podcasts/

The Eastside Sessions – A Sides

One of the veterans with DnB knowledge so deep, we can just envy. And you can hear it in the sound of this podcast – lot of exclusive staff with flashbacks and annual Sun and Bass stuff.  Great selection, very often streamed from around the world.

DJ Marky Podcast

From May 2015 this podcast is pretty irregular and it is so pitty, one of the best podcasts around. Full of Marky’s passion and energy. Lot of jazzy soulful vibes mix together so precisely it will please your DnB heard.


I would like to briefly mention some more. Lenzman irregularly delivers stunning ‘mixtapes’ like the Soul Tape (for me best mix of 2015). Same with SirReal, last mix is called Down For Whatever Mix, find many more on his Mixcloud. If you still don’t have enough I recommend podcasts of Fokuz Recordings and Soultrader Records.

Last but not least I have to mention Noisia Radio – probably the most listened podcast these days (wow, just now I saw that there are 4 mil followers on their Soundcloud). Expect harder and neuro DnB and lots of unreleased stuff from Noisia inbox.

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