If you are a big Commix fan like we are this is almost like gift from the heavens. Yes 11 EPs at once, all available now on Bandcamp page. All EPs are dated many years back when there were still both Guy Brewer and George Levings under this project. It is amazing what Guy Brewer told to the Resident Advisor: I found the music on an old hard drive and I have no idea why it didn’t come out properly.

You must be real Drum & Bass production don to have music like this hidden in the drawer for so many years.

You should really go and check all new releases if you like Commix’s albums Call to Mind and Commix Presents Dusted, you will find absolutely typical Commix sound from the first decade of this century.

Preview from our favorite EP Reminisce.

Another incredible track was featured by Ledge.

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