There was little bit silent from LSB in the recent months. We don’t want to write again about last year’s tragedy in the Soul:r family, you can go and read quite detailed interview with LSB on UKF. Or you can check our review of few LSB’s tracks released under the Four:Fit series on Soul:r

Starting new label Footnotes was logical step for LSB and with this new EP called ‘New Day’ he proves that he is back with the full power.

Again EP contains showcase of different D&B flavors – totally liquid and totally dark!


Title track New Day is featuring vocal of LSB’s brother in the crime – DRS.


BUT what makes this EP so special is ingenious track called Tripped. Some says that it is many many years old. We know it is really early this year, but probably we have already found one from the TOP 10 tracks of 2018.


Please listen share and support new EP – We wish LSB good luck and great future with his new label Footnotes!

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