It is already few months when LSB came to our Drum & Bass On The Boat party and told me that this project with DRS is in the making. After releasing his amazing EP Here With Me earlier this year I knew that this collaboration with DRS will be something special. And it surely is!

Happiness, beauty, soul, jazz or joy – few words that come up to my mind when listening and thinking about this album. I think description from LSB’s announcement is precise.

I think it’s the best of me and DRS and we explored our shared musical loves and really tried to challenge ourselves to create something personal and honest.


No need to pick best track from this album, you have to listen to the whole album, but let’s mention one track for all – Keep The Time – stunning showcase of LSB’s musical craftsmanship and DRS’s vocal magic. Among other great tracks – Could Be or Letting Go.

Basically every release on LSB’s label Footnotes from its launch in 2018 was unbelievably great – including track Moonshine – the Best Track of 2018 according to our Podcast. And considering quality of this album, I don’t think there is anybody else on the DnB scene right now who can push boundaries of melodic DnB better then LSB. Good luck with this!

LSB & DRS, The Blue Hour, footnotes, 2019

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