If Teije van Vliet takes someone under his wing, it usually means one thing. Such an artist has sufficiently demonstrated his qualities, talent, sense for novelties in music, diligence and determination to hone his work to absolute perfection. Because Lenzman himself works this way. And anyone, who is righteously putting him on musical piedestal knows, that not a single horse will come out of his stable in anything less than full health and absolutely perfect condition. Like everyone, who found themselves on the first compilation of The North Quarter label called Quarter To Quarter, which was released on the first Friday in May.

Let’s take a look where all the individual artists, who contributed to this mosaic, come from. In this colorful pleiad we can see, that they have covered the whole world. Although the majority of the group consists of residents of the good old cradle of D&B, the squadra, that found itself in the selection, is spread from New Zealand, through France or Poland to the USA, which is represented here by three artists. What can we find on the album? Of course, especially pure soulful D&B. Destine, which was contributed to this music collection by LSB, is one of the 14 tracks that has been repeatedly playing in our editorial office. The atmospheric piece is one of the best you can hear on the Quarter To Quarter.

Untrue from Bristol producer Kyrist was a surprise for us. Pretty poisonous bangers usually come out of her studio. In this case, however, Kirsty let her anima manifest herself and the result is a track that is as sexy and cool as its author.

We can’t miss the remix of Lenzman’s anthem In My Mind, which was taken care of by none other, than Break himself. It is good not to mess with some things, however, in this case we managed to move the whole thing to a level, where the original feeling is preserved and we get something extra. Namely, the bassline so typical for the head of Symmetry Recordings.

Maybe it was the colorful composition of the whole compilation, that contributed to its name. We are all neighbors, and although we are from different neighborhoods, music connects us and makes the air we all breathe into a medium. Some of us who are more endowed, oscillate this medium into vibrations so coherent, that the brains of the rest of the crowd decode them back into the feeling we love so much. To the joy of music. In the case of compilation Quarter To Quarter, it is a masterpiece, that will ensure this feeling for you from start to finish.

Listen / Download: https://thenorthquarter.nl/album/quarter-to-quarter

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