We don’t usually review EP´s, but it’s time for an exception. There is no need to regret, that Alex Pavlou aka Phaction has not released any LP yet, because he is fruitful more than enough with a number of extremely sapid EP´s. (If you are hearing his name for the first time, let’s take a short detour to the past. Check out at least his wonderful collaboration with GLXY on the track “These Words”) And another amazing one is here!

Although his home is mostly Fokuz Recordings (and also Metalheadz fot the last EP), Phaction has released his next EP called Chemistry under the wings of BCee´s label Spearhead Records. This duck lover certainly didn’t have to make a long decision, especially after looking at the upcoming collaborations, to put his stamp here. Phaction didn´t work alone and the outcome consists of 5 tracks. There is no doubt, that the finest vocalists Charli Brix and Riya, wouldn’t  do anything with their beautiful voices, that is not worth their while. Riya accompanied two tracks and the second one of them “Obsession”, to which they also invited Hugh Hardie, can be strong evidence, that Phaction deserves our attention.

One of the fans aptly commented in the discussion under the track you are listening to: “Phaction has always been a top producer, criminally underrated.” And our thoughts are exactly the same. Phaction has an unprecedented creative maturity and a distinguished attitude, which is reflected in almost every track, not only on this EP.

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