TOP 10 DnB tracks for year 2023 selected and mixed by Music Intelligence.

Track list and placement:
Place Track Title Artist Album Label
10 Good Nights Need For Mirrors Good Nights EP Sun and Bass
9 Pitchwheel Mikal, Riot Pitchwheel Metalheadz
8 Hero Nookie & Ruth Royall Improvisions Metalheadz
7 Sea Bed Artificial Intelligence State of Mind EP Metalheadz
6 Buzzy Bunch ft GEST DJ Marky The Time Is Right LP Shogun
5 Passenger Carlito Passenger Liquid V
4 Lifelines Operate x Javeon Lifelines Shogun
3 Cant Give You Up High Constrast Cant Give You Up Highly Contrasting
2 Sunburst Technimatic For all of us Technimatic Music
1 Show Me Makoto Show Me Human Elements

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