Independent Drum & Bass Blog and Podcast from Prague, Czech Republic. Selecting and promoting the best Drum & Bass from year 2015. Regular info and reviews from Sun & Bass, Outlook and Let It Roll festivals.

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These days, when there is so much Drum & Bass music coming up every day and music blogging has reduced just to posting Youtube and Soundcloud links without any commentary, we try to do it little bit different. After long years of procrastination, desire to spread Drum & Bass music and make world better place resulted starting this blog. First blog entry is dated back to the event of Sun and Bass festival 2015. Soon after regular Music Intelligence Podcast started and few years later legendary DnB boat parties took place in Prague.

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Main influences

Marky | S.P.Y | Calibre | Sonic | London Elektricity | D Kay | BCee | Technimatic | Utah Jazz | Bryan G | Lenzman | Makoto | Markus Intalex | Spectrasoul | LSB | Jenna G | Commix | A sides | Patife | Command Strange | Break | D-Bridge | Intelligent Manners | Loz Contreras | Rowpieces | John B | Bungle | High Contrast | Logistics | any many more

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