New album Expansion from Fourward is out now on Shogun Audio and it is so special that any DnB fan should go and listen right now.

Austrian guys Lukas, Ludwig, Dominik and Niklas aka Fourward previously known for their heavy dark bangers are coming with something very special. By combining their precisely crafted heavy sound with musical influences and innovative compositions, they have created very unique combination of several DnB sub genres. Whole album is so fresh, I hope we will see similar shift in the music production of many other neurofunk producers soon. This album is really inspirational…


Album is packed with every flavor of DnB from neuro stuff to some amazing instrumental beauties, maybe sound of the track Over is the best example.

Another track with sublime chords and very familiar vocals is Empty Soul. Pure beauty.

If you are looking for even more intensive atmosphere, try track What If. Goosebumps.

From harder part of the album I really like track Sequencer, and if you like Prodigy sound, you should check it out.

Please go and check the whole album. Big up to Shogun for delivering us this unique album, keep up with great job, recent music from Ed:It, Technimatic or Rockwell is amazing!

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