Let It Roll Winter festival took place last weekend in Prague and it was again huge event. But did you know there were Beats Evolution Workshops prior to the festival on February 24th and 25th 2017 in the Storm Club Prague?

Following the first Drum & Bass Beats Evolution Conference in summer 2016 these workshops were focused on meeting local Drum & Bass producers and DJs with some of the industry biggest gurus. Main focus was to introduce new talents to the success stories, master classes, tips to get started and so on. Different sessions were focused on music production, Djing and demo listening.

Meet the team session with Let It Roll crew

Music Production

Probably the biggest value for new producers were master classes with Rido, A-Cray and Merak. Almost all basic techniques how to compose, mix and master Drum & Bass music were covered. Changing Faces added some nice tips about music production using sample packs. Another pretty helpful discussion was about music studio principles – how to build studio, how to manage acoustics and what components and speakers to buy. Another session fittingly called Law Of The Jungle was focused on legal aspects of music production in Czech and British context.

Q & A with Blackout crew


DJ beginners heard how to start DJ career and other useful tips from several veteran DJs who started as a professional DJs about 20 years ago. Probably the most important session was about tips how to step up from home DJing to the professional club performances. How to promote artist on social media, who to contacts, what to avoid, etc. First day ended with pretty interesting discussion whether is possible to earn a living from music production and DJing.

During both two days all DJs had opportunity to try latest DJ equipment in special room.

Demo listening

All major producer who had their panel discussion had also demo listening session. Special studio was dedicated to this, and I was pretty surprised with amount and quality of music from beginning producers.

Demo listening session with Rido

Additional to all this, there was a chance to meet and ask questions with Let It Roll and Blackout team.

All sessions were recorded so hopefully we will see some of them available on the internet later. Whole program except Q & A with Blackout was in Czech language, entrance fee was free, just with registration. Despite event was announced as full before the beginning there were plenty of free places, same like in the summer. Hopefully this amazing concept will attract more people in the future.

Demo listening session with A-Cray

According to LIR management, we can expect another addition of Beats Evolution Conference in the summer 2017 before Let It Roll Summer festival. I’m really happy for this, last year’s conference was absolutely awesome, you can read my review here.

Big thanks to the whole Let It roll crew, keep up with this great job!

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