You probably know, that Let it Roll is the world’s biggest DnB festival held in Czech Republic, where 25 000 ravers had a really good time last weekend. Let’s sum up some highlights of this year’s festival.

Visuals, sound quality and stage design

I know you would expect, that the best thing was music, but probably the biggest highlight of the whole Let it Roll was visual setup. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! Yes sets are important, but visual production got LIR where it is right now. Hundreds of different high definition visuals in combination with super quality projection screens, lights, lasers, fireworks, flames, everything in amazing coordination. Yes, this is what makes Let it Roll so special, music with all the visual effect around, and it’s working so well together. I really have to express my biggest respect to all graphic designers, VJs, producers and other people who made this happen.

Main stage design was insane – 80m wide spaceship, with tons of equipment and crisp sound. Actually all stages had such a high quality sound. Factory stage with angry robot visuals was big enjoyment as well. Maybe only fail was missing illumination of DJs on Factory stage, when DJ was absolutely unable to communicate with audience.


Opening ceremony

Amazing experience, not to be missed. 20 minutes of great music from June Miller with stunning visual effects and fireworks. Whole composition, timing of drops, atmosphere, everything was just perfect. They should start selling ticket just to this part of the festival. There will be many videos of the ceremony on Youtube, and maybe even the official one, but this video is the best I have found so far, check especially last 4 minutes, it’s just insane! (Update – official video here)


Festival premises and organization

Even with so many people, place was so spacious and even during rush hours, it was so easy to walk across the place. Parking, campsite, food, drinks, toilets, everything was accessible without big queues. Only ATMs were little overcrowded sometimes. Prices of everything were quite reasonable. Actually I was thinking, that whole festival with pretty low ticket price (comparing to foreign festivals) and with price level in czech republic is quite interesting option for foreign DnB fans.

Festival area was so big, it took you around 15 min to walk from the parking slot to the main stage. But this is not the end – whole festival area is ready for much more ravers in upcoming years.

LIR area

Line-up and performance quality

Line-up was huge, so it was hard to catch every DJ of your choice, because of massive line-up clashes on different stages. Every night had at least three major label parties accompanied with several smaller performances on several stages. Every set was full of energy with people raving, but majority of headliners on the Main stage and Factory stage sounded so similar to each other. I would appreciate every DJ to build up gently individual mix during whole 60 minutes instead dropping bass madness regularly every 2 minutes. I really appreciate sets on Port stage and Underworld stage, where you could find little bit more of DnB variety, which is so important in this genre.

Proud to be part of this

Even with few minor problems, we can be really happy to have event like this in Czech Republic. I felt so proud of the whole DnB community, that we made it so far. Such a huge festival dedicated just to DnB and working so well. Big thanks to all organizers for amazing job they did to make it happen! Big up!

What did I catch up?

On Thursday I spend beginning of the night on the Madhouse stage and I have to say, that I was absolute looser without Eatbrain t-shirt, their merchandise is so strong right now! Probably the strongest moment of the evening was ultimate performance of London Electricity with MC Fava – They made people sit on the ground and jump up to the drop 3 times, hell yeah! During last track of the mix Tony took mic from Fava and started to sing, yes this is Tony. Later on, Krakota delivered his massive set supporting release of his new album.

Mean while Nicky Blackmarket was smashing huge set with people singing loud and next door amazing line-up of DJs from Exit label could be found – dBridge, Skeptical, Fracture, Mark System and more. What a team!

Friday was time for 3 label nights – Ram, Blackout and Medschool. Even before opening ceremony Marky already killed it with amazing set, after his scratching upside down crowd went off. After opening ceremony Friction drop some serious tunes, mixing together Lean on from Major Lazer and Sunday Crunk from Mef:Lab.

Noisia delivered world premier of new album Outer edges on the Main stage. One hour of perfect audio and visual experience, specially prepared for this performance. All three guys had illuminated hats synchronized with stage visuals, crazy! One negative effect of opening the Main stage was lack of people on smaller stages which were little bit empty from time to time.

I was quite happy to see Jenna G singing live early on Saturday night. Three main show were yet to come – Viper, Noisia Invites and Fokuz. From Main stage I have enjoyed the most set from Fabio, especially his closing track had such a huge atmosphere. Set from High Contrast was pleasure as usual, but after that sound level on Main stage went down pretty much, leaving few people disappointed. After that I had finally chance to catch my favorite duo Silence Groove and Loz Contreraz on Fokuz label night, great vibes!


Pre-sale sign up for Let it Roll 2017 has already started, so don’t wait and check it here:

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