Congratulations to all these amazing producers and vocalists. Every year it is impossible job to pick the best tracks of the year. So please understand this selection not only as the best single tracks, but also as a showcase of who was constantly delivering excellent music in 2019 and deserves quite big attention in the year 2020 😉 Please like, share and enjoy.

Track list:
# Track Title Artist
19 Fragments Workforce
18 Let The Whole World Wait Mage
17 Lunar City Tyrone
16 Piece of Me (feat. Think Twice) Grey Code
15 Games Mat Zo
14 Sweet Jungle [ K S R ]
13 Le Retour Kove
12 Rebels Mindstate
11 Aviatrix (feat. Riya) Phaction
10 Alibi – Vintage Alibi
9 We Gotcha Junglist Velocity & MC Fats
8 Lulerain Etherwood
7 Nexus (ft. Pola Bryson) Makoto
6 Lambo Need For Mirrors
5 Sidewinder Mefjus
4 Come Together (ft Tyson Kelly) Urbandawn
3 Here With Me LSB
2 Keep The Time LSB
1 The Place Jack Boston feat. Vanity Jay

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