Don’t forget to read Day to day review of Sun and Bass festival 2015.


TOP 5 Highlights

  1. Line-up – you will hardly find other DnB festival with so precisely composed line-up, having almost all DnB production master minds involved.
  2. Festival place – forget ugly camping, mug, grey airfield areas, fences, mobile toilets and other usual staff. This is one week holidays. City of San Teodoro is nice vacation place with beautiful La Cinta beach. Parties are held at beach, pool areas or clubs with indoor and outdoor areas. All visitors and DJs are just part of normal tourism, staying in nice villas.
  3. Beach parties – It’s so good to party at the beach with the best DnB line-up, you can dance, swim, chill, watch beautiful sunset, what ever you want. That’s what I have enjoyed the most.
  4. Meeting and talking to DJs – Unlike every other festival, at Sun and Bass all are equal. You can come and talk to any DJ you want, and you will always get warm welcome. Except night parties, there is no security at festival, all DJs are joining the crowd for party, when there are not playing. And there are so many DJs (most of them staying whole week), that you will meet them at shop, restaurant, beach, on street, just everywhere.
  5. Brazilian crew – its obvious Sun and Bass is also place for meetings among DJs, and I love the most the unity and energy among members of Brazilian DnB crew. During every set they were at the first line making the biggest support for playing DJ. Brazilian flag was part of many events.


TOP 5 Sets

  1. S.P.Y – both Ripping and La Cinta Beach sets
  2. Calibre – both sets in Ripping
  3. Marky – La Cinta Beach set
  4. Patife – Ripping set
  5. A Sides and MC Fats – Ripping set

Read more about sets in Day to day review Sun and Bass 2015.


TOP 5 Most Played Tunes

  1. DRS – The View ft LSB & Tyler Daley
  2. DJ Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll
  3. Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)
  4. DJ Marky & S.P.Y. – Mystic Sunset
  5. DJ Marky – Silly

Play all songs in Youtube playlist here.


Top 5 Missing DJs

  1. Command Strange and Intelligent Manners
  2. D Kay
  3. Commix
  4. Rowpieces
  5. Sonic


TOP 5 Fails

Even such great festival like Sun and Bass has some fails, that need to be said.

  1. Sound quality – since I was first time visitor, I didn’t care that much, that organizers changed Ambra night for Ripping, but what I didn’t like was sound quality in Ripping club and sometimes even at the beach. Sound was different every day, so I believe, there were some efforts to fix it, but most of the time, sound was too blurry, lacking mid and high frequencies. Loudness definitely didn’t solve the problem.
  2. Secret location party – There was a lot of rumor, how good could be the party at secret location, but this one was crap, sorry.
  3. Changes in program – if you want to catch some particular DJ in the mix, you would need precise schedule. But schedule in paper program (which you get at the beginning of festival), schedule in official Sun and Bass app, and final Facebook announcement are different. Since info on Facebook is the best one, you would definitely need WIFI or roaming data. Not mentioning that official festival line up was published 5 days prior event.
  4. Drugs – still can’t understand why people needs so much drugs and alcohol to enjoy music, but this is not problem of Sun and Bass, its general…
  5. Cant find the 5th one 😉


Top 5 Miscellaneous

  1. Ambra Night – Definitely top topic among visitors was change of night clubbing place from Ambra Night to Ripping Club, caused by some problem of Ambra with local government and police. After whole week in Ripping, organizers managed to add extra party in Ambra Night on Monday, after official end of festival.
  2. Return of Singing Fats – Yes! After health problems Fats returned and made amazing performance in set with A Sides.
  3. Best live act – It’s so good to hear the biggest DnB anthems performed live by Jenna G and band
  4. Most raving DJ – I would say Level 2 should win the prize, he was raving so hard almost at every party, I have been to. Big up!
  5. Vinyl – nobody from headliners played from vinyl (not talking about digital vinyl), is vinyl really dead?
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