So this is how I voted in Drum and Bass Arena Awards 2015, you can find out why below.

DnB Arena Awards 2015


General comments

First of all, I would like to say, that some categories really need clear description what should be included and what shouldn’t. There are categories, where final mix of nominees is pretty stupid and incomparable. As well difference between normal and newcomer categories is not clear to me. Last comment – since I have voted in round 1 as well, I’m quite curious, how organizers select finalist for categories Best Track and Best Remix, because there was not always list of suggestions available, and every participant could input free text. I’m afraid some votes from round 1 were not considered.


Best DJ: DJ Marky

Techniques, music selection, knowledge, vinyl skills, passion for music, record collection… Yes it’s Marky, there is not other DJ, who is more happy to mix music for people, then Marky. Watch this video, I know it’s commercial, but its completely true. Marky is the biggest teacher of DnB music, and I want to thank him for this. And since he was not nominated in Best Producer and Best Album, he really deserves to win Best DJ category.


Best Producer: Calibre

I’m little bit sad, that Marky or Makoto and A Sides didn’t make it to the final nominees. From this list of producers, it’s Calibre for his constant amazing work.


Best Newcomer DJ: KeenoBest Newcomer Producer: Dawn Wall

Who is newcomer? Is it measured according to the first release, age, amount of stage appearances? Every time almost all DJs and producers are already years at the DnB scene and still appearing in newcomer categories. So where is the line between newcomer and regular. List of newcomer DJ is pretty strange, so I picked Keeno. Where Im pretty sure with my selection, it’s newcomer producer – Dawn Wall. This year I was really pleased by his work.


Best MC, Best Newcomer MC: MC Fava

I usually don’t like MCs, but… Let’s vote for Fava, after personally meeting him at Sun and Bass.


Best Vocalist: Diane Charlemagne

I would consider to vote for Jenna or Collette, but Diane deserves it the most this year. Rest in peace Diane.


Best Club Night: Hospitality

It’s little bit hard to vote here, since I’m not living in Great Britain, so I didn’t attend all club nights, but anyway I vote for Hospitality.


Best Live Act: Roni Size

How much live is live act? 🙂 Some nominated performance are much more live, then others. This category is hard to vote, let’s go for Roni size.


Best Festival: Sun and Bass

No comment, just read my review of Sun and Bass festival 2015 🙂


Best Track: The view

It’s sad – I’m not able to choose any song. I don’t like that much any of neuro funk nominees. I know it’s cliche, but with this nominees, I vote for The view.


Best Remix: Sunday Crunk – Mefjus Remix

It’s sad – I want to vote for all of them 🙂 It looks like 2015 was a good year for remixing. Paper faces, Souvenirs, Starz, I like them all, but here, I vote for Sunday Crunk. This track is just so different, so great.


Best Album: Come and Join us (Bcee)

I would like to see My Heroes from Marky or Aquarian dream from Makoto and A Sides here. And what about new album from London Electricity, coming out this Friday. From this selection, I would consider DRS, Break, or Bcee. Let’s vote for BCee.


Best Music Video: Come and Join us (BCee)

Even I like crazy video for Clap Track quite a lot, i vote for BCee’s Come and Join us – great music, great video.


Best Label: Shogun Audio

Ouch, there are missing so many good labels. Having such fresh label like Liquicity and not having for example V Recording is just strange. After voting several years for Hospital, this year I vote for Shogun.

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