Bryan G told us, we can expect some heavy stuff from Alibi this year and he was so true! The Hornet EP is out now and for me, it’s a proof, that the Alibi project is one of the hottest collab in DnB right now. Thanks V Recordings for delivering this.

Collaboration of Brazilian producers Level 2 and DJ Chap officially started about a year ago and already brought us this amazing bass banger called Aftermath.

Second release under V family – The Hornet EP offers huge variability from dark bass lines to nice liquid rollers.

Title track The Hornet will crush your subwoofer (as it did in my office). Incredible halftime tune full of production precision.

On the contrary track Fire is beautiful liquid DnB piece with smooth deep bass line and wonderful vocal of Charli Brix.

If you like it deeper try track Last Call – many synths, light vocal, light strings, heavy bass, everything in perfect balance.

Absolutely opposite to the other two DnB tracks on the EP, track Hideaway is heavy and reminds me little bit darker production of S.P.Y.

So listen, buy and support these guys, they are awesome! I think this is not the last time we hear about them.


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