TOP 10 D&B Albums of 2017

Albums are the most important releases for every D&B connoisseur. Place where artist can showcase the deepest thoughts and inspirations. That’s why we put special attention to the albums on Music Intelligence blog. Please find below the most essential D&B album of 2017, order is just random.

Calibre – The Deep (Signature Recordings)

Melancholic, sad, happy, powerful, soothing, dark, bright – everything at once. Another proof we can consider Calibre as one of the greatest producers these days. If you like it intelligent and instrumental, this is a must.

Featuring the best D&B track of 2017 according to the Music Intelligence Podcast – TOP 10 Track Of 2017.

Buy | https://signaturerecordings.databeats.com/download/sigcd012d


Mosaik – Camo & Krooked (Mosaik / Ram)

Next episode on incredible D&B journey of these two Austrian guys. We were expecting so much after their last album Zeitgeist and we were not disappointed. This time it is even more experimental and unique. Huge excursion to the every corner of D&B world.

Voted as the best album at 2017 D&B Arena Awards.

Buy | https://ramrecords.com/download/rammlp30d


Better World – Macca & Loz Contreraz (Fokuz Recordings)

After long term collaboration these incredibly talented guys decided to team up together, create artistic duo (check ther new page) and deliver stunning album, full of their typical sound.

You can check our review of this album.

Buy | https://fokuzrecordings.com/shop/a-better-world-lp/

Hybrid Minds – Elements (Hybrid Minds)

Perfect mix of mainstream D&B and liquid rollers so typical for these guys. Huge remix project on this album is coming very soon.

Featured in our TOP 10 tracks of 2017.

Buy | http://hybridmindsmusic.com/elements/

Nu:Logic – Somewhere Between The Light (Hospital Records)

Drum & Bass veteran brothers, Hospital Records own Nu:Tone and Logistics delivered stunning album full of fresh ideas and happy rhythms. Personally we consider this album pretty underrated, it deserves much more recognition. It is whole awesome.

Buy | https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/nulogic/nhs312-somewhere-between-the-light

Makoto – Salvation (Hospital Record)

Another one from Hospital family – debut album from Makoto on this label. Since Makoto is one of our all time favourite producers, our expectation where really high. And the result completely met what we have been expecting. Pure joy to listen.

Buy | https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/makoto/nhs313-salvation

Gerra & Stone – Polarism (Dispatch Recordings)

Like a miracle and little surprise this album landed in September. There was so much good music from Dispatch Recordings in 2017, but this album has it all. Every flavour of Drum & Bass is included with all those stunning vocals…

Buy | https://www.dispatchrecordings.com/product/disgslp001-gerra-stone-polarism-album/


Spectrasoul – How We Live (Ish Chat Music)

Spectrasoul’s label was rather quiet in 2017, but this album is a gem! Perfect example of an album that you have to listen all at once, it has its own story inside.

Featured in our TOP 10 tracks of 2017.

Buy | https://spectrasoul.bandcamp.com/album/how-we-live-lp

Orange Lane – Brookes Brothers (Viper Recordings)

If you like it funky, with some pop and disco, this is your choice. Absolutely typical footprint of Brookes Brothers, perfect sequel to their first album, which is still so fresh after seven years.

Check Music Intelligence Album Flashback for their debut album.

Buy | https://www.viperrecordings.co.uk/news/13817/brookes-brothers-orange-lane-lp

Live At Pohoda – London Electricity Big Band (Hospital Records)

This is not ordinary album, but something worth mentioning here. Some of the greatests hits from London Electricity played by live band. We saw this performance on Let It Roll festival, this recording is from Slovakia’s Pohoda Festival. Album is great, but you need to experience this live!

Check Let It Roll festival 2017 review.

Buy | https://www.hospitalrecords.com/shop/release/london-elektricity-big-band/nhs320-live-at-pohoda

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