You can check first part of my Tribute to Calibre in this article. But now let’s focus on Calibre’s singles and remixes. According to, there are more then 200 releases. And you can be sure, you can expect some of the finest DnB music. Probably there is not another DnB producer who made so many legendary DnB remixes like Calibre.


It is useless to name all labels where Calibre has released his music. There are all of them. Amount of singles is so huge, that I’m gonna pick just few of them, that I love most.

FourFit EP04

Released on Soul:r, this is Calibre addition to FourFit series. Check the full EP, it’s great. This track called Smother has incredible deep and beautiful bass line.

Peso / My Chance

First ever release on Calibre’s Signature Recordings from 2003. Peso has beautiful latino influenced sound. One of the first tunes I have ever heard from Calibre and it will always stay in my heard.

Mr. Majestic / The Other Side

Collaboration with the mighty High Contrast. And the result is legendary. Exclusive vinyl release, no digital download available.

Jah (Hold Back)

Taken from absolutely briliant compilation The Sound of Movement – mixed by Bryan Gee. If you want to hear sound of DnB from the beginning of the millennium, check the whole compilation.

Spiritual Thing

Mist:ical – Marcus Intalex, ST Files, Calibre. Great team around Soul:r label. There are more track from this collaboration, but this one is probably the best.

In a Dream

I have discovered this track recently and it seems to be still unreleased, probably waiting for next Shelflife album… Absolutely lovely instrumental chill.


Every single remix from Calibre is unique, very often pushing the original tune to the next level. Somebody says, Calibre has never been remixed, who knows, could be true… But thanks god he made so many stunning remixes. Some of the biggest names from scene came to Calibre for remix – Zinc, Chase and Status, Spectrasoul, Break, Technimatic, Danny Bird and many more.

Garden by T.E.E.D

Probably one of the best liquid DnB remixes ever made. Pure beauty. I don’t want to repeat myself, but again power of this remix is in simplicity.

They’re Wrong by Break

Already original tune from Break was absolutely incredible and retouch from Calibre is so gentle, but so good. Combination of deep piano and absolutely beautiful vocal.

If You Wait by London Grammar

Yeah, this is pretty romantic one. When I heard chorus of this song in the beginning of Sun and Bass Calibre’s mix, I got goosebumps instantly. Too powerful…

Put That Woman First by Jaheim

Play this tune on the party and you will see people moving, groove is incredible. Only man vocal that I know in the remix by Calibre.

1959 by Silent Dust

Probably one of the least known Calibre’s remixes, but still so worthy to listen.


Check first part of Tribute here for some Youtube and Spotify playlists.

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