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Calibre’s music means a lot to me and that’s why I wrote all of this. This Tribute is pretty long, I warn you at the beginning. It represents my big THANK YOU to Calibre for everything he did for DnB music. I believe his music made happy so many people and he deserves all this recognition.

Calibre aka Dominick Martin is Irish DnB producer from Belfast. If you want DnB Mozart, this is the man. He is responsible for some of the DnB most finest tunes up to date. With almost 100 releases, 10 albums, more then 100 remixes and lot of unreleased stuff, Calibre is truly DnB veteran. He has releases on many labels, but there are two main labels to mention. His own label Signature Recording, and legendary Manchester label Soul:r, where he joined producers like Marcus Intalex, ST Files and Marky to deliver major influence to the DnB world. I consider Calibre as the most talented instrumentalist ever producing DnB. Every tune is so fresh, gently build with incredible amount of all flavors. All instruments sounds so warm and touchy. So many tracks from him are so simple, yet so powerful. And if you had a chance to meet him personally, you know how silent and introvert could be star like him.

Last album called Shelflife 4 released earlier this year is kind of summary of unreleased stuff from last 15 years. With the release of album Shelflife 4 Signature Recordings started new web and some old music is now available for digital download here. More and more older Calibre releases are now available for online streaming on Spotify and iTunes. But still many releases are not stream-able and you have to buy it digital or on vinyl.

This tribute is divided into 2 parts. First part describes all released albums with some examples from each album. I tried to pick what I like, not just what is most popular. Second part focuses on Calibre singles and remixes. Enjoy!


Musique Concrete (2001)

First Calibre’s album was released on label Creative Source few years later after his first DnB attempts. For year 2001 it was pretty innovative sound, but somehow this music made sense to me after listening some of his later music. I just love this Sax Track tune, combination of saxophone and badass bass is awesome.

Second Sun (2005)

First album released on Signature Recordings. Probably one of the most famous Calibre albums, acclaimed by wider audience. Album contains great collaboration with Singing Fats and Diane Charlemagne.

Title track from this album was featured in so many mixes at that time. Well balanced instrumental piece of art with amazing bass line. You probably know this one…

If you are playing your set, and you want to drop it, you will probably Drop It Down with Singing Fats and this legendary tune. I heard it live at Sun and Bass festival, and it was great pleasure.

As a tribute to Diane Charlemagne, who passed away last year, I would like to feature one more song from this album. Bullets is probably my most favorite song from Diane. Quite unique collaboration, timeless text.

Shelflife 1 (2007)

First Shelflife album from 2007 is the beginning of amazing series. First tune i have picked is Calibre’s remix of track Part of Me from Klute. Original is here and only one dilemma remains – is better original or remix. Both are great!

Next tune I absolutely love from this album is Shades. Probably the best trumpet sample from Calibre. Perfect intro, quite useful when mixing a set…

Overflow (2008)

Album is not available for online streaming yet, but well worthy to listen. There is a Youtube playlist with all tracks here. Almost like I can hear Makoto influence in this tune called Alone in a Crowd.

Shelflife 2 (2009)

For me, this album is not that unique like others, but still it is nice listening. No matter if you like DnB or not, you will love simplicity and instrumentality in this track Out of the box.

Even If (2010)

Probably the most famous album among wider DnB audience, with absolutely beautiful title track Even If.

Another tune i really like for its great atmosphere is All You Got.

Condition (2011)

Going deeper and deeper into instrumental perfection, this album is another example of Calibre perfection. Containing nice collaboration with DRS.

Do you want goosebumps? So listen to this divine beauty in the track called Mirage.

Spill (2013)

Probably the most melancholic DnB album ever made, still one of my most favorite from Calibre. I just wonder in which life period Calibre did this album. If you have some trouble in your life, listen to the whole album some evening, you will see – magic will happen. It is absolutely impossible to pick the best song from this album, you have to listen everything. At least first 6 tunes are one better then other.

Track Close To Me is so special for me. Anytime I hear this, most happy and sad emotions are inside of me.

Another track Keep Control is perfect example how I really like vocals to be used.

Shelflife 3 (2014)

Album contains some of the best unreleased productions from 1997 to 2013. It’s perfect, when you can search your shelf and release album from what you found 🙂 This Makes Me Feel Alright.

Yes, this track is smooth like honey – Honey Dew. Again so nice piano with light vocals.

Shelflife 4 (2016)

The latest album from this year. Another compilation of Calibre yet unreleased music, consisting of thirteen of his most sought after tracks, ranging from 2000 to 2014. And finally my super favorite track Amen Tune produced with DJ Marky is getting release. There is nice collaboration with Cleveland Watkiss as well.


Yes, I was surprised like you, how many albums Calibre has. But this is not all – find more Calibre singles and remixes in the second part of this Tribute here.

Thank you Calibre, keep it up!



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