If you follow my blog, you probably know I don’t write reviews of EPs very much. But this time I simply had to… Because one track from the new V Recordings release from Paul T, Edward Oberon and Serum was chasing me through the whole year. So I would like to write this short review to thanks guys for a great job.

I’m talking about track Take My Breath Away, that I heard for the first time almost year ago in V Recordings Podcast #37. From that time it was featured in some many shows and sets…

No wonder, it is production masterpiece linking so many DnB subgenres together exactly how I like it. Smooth background vocal, deep atmosphere and liquid feeling so typical for Paul and Edward and huge bass delivered by Serum. It works together so well, amazing collaboration. For me definitely one from TOP 5 tracks of year 2016. Or track of the year?

I just hope that labels won’t continue to release extraordinary music year after first play. There are already many tracks from producers like DJ Marky or Danny Wheeler waiting several months for release. Come on V family, we need this music…

Second track from this EP is called In Too Deep and completes amazing experience – energetic roller with twisted bass line and cool vocals. Classical V Recordings stuff.

So go and support Paul T, Edward Oberon and Serum and of course V Recordings and boss Bryan Gee. You can buy it here: www.vrecordings.com/download/plv069dd

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