You know the feeling when you’re waiting for something. You’re looking forward to it. And it’s been so long, that you almost forgot about it. But when it comes, time stops for a moment to expand and contract in such unprecedented amplitudes. And you realize, that it is simply impossible for it to be just a flat physical quantity. It was exactly this feeling, that we experienced last Friday, when the master Caliber released a new album of the phenomenal Shelflife series with the serial number Six.

The first of these legendary music installations was released back in 2007, so it has been a tradition for 13 years now. And the latest release is finally here, after two years from the last one. It is a good thing, that Caliber puts a lot of his music on the shelf for ages like a winemaker, that leaves carefully barricaded Merlot in his cellar.  Sometimes he pulls something out of his secret stash and offers piece of heaven to one of his allied DJs, just to let us smell the delicacy. And then we wait and wait until we have no other choice, but to cut the pieces from the sets and argue on social media about what, when and how. So we will probably wait for Amen Cure, but Shelflife Six is still nothing but a masterpiece.

You can find some powerful pieces among the 13 tracks. Some of them so deep, that they can make you cry. Tears of happiness will appear in eyes of those, who are more sensitive. You may also feel the desire to touch the person, who is endowed with the ability to create something like this. Maybe even to meet him and talk about it. However, it is better to remain silent and simply be. Here and now. Because one moment can be everything.

Shelflife Six is an extremely consistent work, abounding in contemplative passages and a more or less hidden lines of joy, perhaps similar to the ones that form the essence of its creator. The biggest asset of the album is, that it takes you into your inner world as gently, as prudently and with unobtrusive captivity like nothing else.

Whoever watched the last Drum&BassArena Awards could not fail to notice the modesty and humility that Dominick Martin showed, when he held the Critics’ Choice award in his hand. It must be his immense personality, that allows him to create such a supernatural music.

Excuse us please for using an overly pathetic vocabulary, but Caliber’s music really isn’t from this world.

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