Music Intelligence Podcast #13

25 fresh tracks from last month. Listen for info about festivals and new albums.
Sorry for the mic quality, not enough time to record it again 😉

1 Dark Matter L-Side
2 Stars Hugh Hardie Remix Shapeshifter
3 Satless Satl_Electrosoul_System
4 Providence Mohican Sun
5 Come Together Camo & Krooked
6 Get Up S.P.Y
7 -15 Seba & Jr Vallo
8 What She Wants (Lenzman Remix) Redeyes
9 I Found You (feat. Naomi Pryor) Survival
10 Intimacy Artificial Intelligence
11 Losin’ Sleep S.P.Y
12 Keep On (feat. GLXY & Tyler Daley) Redeyes
13 I Dont Wanna Wake Up feat. Karina Ramage Makoto
14 Ahead of Me ALIBI & Command Strange
15 Just the Way Mcleod & Symptom
16 Essence nCamargo_Mayforms
17 The Wrong Side (feat. Naomi Pryor) Scar
18 Sanctuary Nu:Logic
19 Nova Nu:Logic
20 In the Mood Macca & Loz Contreras
21 Colours Fading Fred V Grafix
22 No One Else Impish
23 Perceive Centrik
24 Lily Invadhertz
25 Trickle (LIVE) Frederic Robinson

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