Yes, Let It Roll 2017 did it again! Absolutely fabulous 3 days full of Drum & Bass with insane line-up. Obviously last year’s setup was working very well, so many things remained the same – and that’s just right, because last year’s Let It Roll was fire. You can find review of the last year’s festival in this article. Almost everything applies, but some things deserve recapitulation, read further.

Opening Ceremony – Same But Different

I was looking forward to the festival so much because I needed to see this one more time! You can check 2016 Opening Ceremony here. Design of the main stage was completely new, size was about the same like last year. And again one of the biggest highlight of the festival. I just can’t understand, how they do it. Infinite number of lights, projections, flames, fireworks, everything in perfect harmony with music – made by Calyx & Teebee this year. Organizers promised to put everything on Youtube again, so stay tuned.

Photo by Petr Klapper |

Stage Designs

Integral part of the festival, something extraordinary. Not only the Main stage had a great design. Next two big stages – Madhouse and Factory – had completely new designs. It would have been enough to keep designs from the last year, but no, guys from LIR team need to push it further. Plus one new stage placed directly to the old soviet tank hangar. Nice! Check the photos below, words are useless.

Photo by Petr Klapper |

Photo by Petr Klapper |

Check more photos in this gallery.


London Elektricity Big Band

To be honest – one of the main reasons why I went to the festival this year. After seeing some videos from their previous performance I knew this will be big thing. And it was, completely! 21 artists on the stage, Tonny bassman, amazing Liane Carroll on vocals. I know it is stupid to say it, but it was so ‘live’, so jazzy, even it was 8pm, crowd was completely crazy. Totally next level Drum & Bass experience.

Symmetry Night

When I saw the line-up for the first time, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Thursday destination for every¬†connoisseur was clear – Symmetry night at the Port Stage. Just check the part of the line-up – Boston, Artificial Intelligence (both guys), Total Science, Spectrasoul, Klute, Skeptical and finally master Break. Are you fucking kidding me? Probably the biggest line-up ever for one night in the Czech Republic!

Some Quick Facts

  • Track UK from Dimension was played about the same times as Bricks Don’t Roll from Hazard – that means hundreds of times
  • Crisp sound on majority of stages
  • Enough room for parking, camping, raving. No mug, no dust – festival place is just right.
  • There were some big queues at the entrance on Thursday evening, so count with it next year
  • New cashless system was not a big pain for me
  • I would suggest moving some stages further from each other due to sound interference
  • Don’t forget there is a Beats Evolution Conference before the festival, try it next year.

So once again – big thanks to everybody who participated to make all this happen. Only one year to prepare next festival, good luck with it. 2018 early birds tickets are already available here.



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