Interview with Jack Boston about his new EP on Symmetry Recordings, past releases, inspirations…

Jack Boston played special role in our podcasting history. We started and also finished our first ever podcast in July 2016 with Boston’s music. From that time Jack Boston is our favorite producer and we are happy that we can deliver interview with Jack not only about his new EP The Place / Always There, which is out now on Symmetry Recordings.

Hey Jack, thanks for this opportunity to talk about your new release.

JB: Thanks for having me Tomas, Bigups for your support over the years!

Your new EP The Place / Always There is out today on Symmetry Recordings. Can you introduce it little bit?

JB: So this release is a precursor to my album, which will be coming out next year. This and subsequent releases will all make up the bigger picture of the vision I’m trying to put across through my music.

I believe that track The Place featuring Vanity Jay is your absolutely typical sound and I love it so much. Can you tell us story behind this track?

JB: I wanted this track to be made up of two halves in both the lyrical and musical content. The intro and ‘A’ section is about being in a dark place mentally. We’ve all been there in varying degrees and it can be hard sometimes. We used the changing of the seasons and weather as a metaphor for this section. The ‘B’ section is far more dance floor oriented and we wanted it to feel uplifting in comparison. The lyrical content here talks of overcoming negativity and being free of the ‘darkest place’. ‘The Place’ to me is one of meditation, whether that be writing music, riding my bicycle or just being still; it’s all about overcoming the hard times.

Really appreciate this. Can you tell us little bit about your collaboration with Vanity Jay? Her vocal is so amazing, but I didn’t see her recording with anybody else outside Symmetry label.

JB: Vanity is one of a kind! Such an amazing vocal talent and a genuinely lovely person. She was 8 months pregnant when we recorded ‘The Place’ vocal and she smashed it in about 2 hours. Madness! She doesn’t work with any other DnB artists but has featured on a lot of amazing music. Her band, Baby Queens are great, everyone should check them out!

And what about the DJ Edit of this track, why did you feature this on the EP? It is not usual from you…

JB: This was a suggestion from Charlie (Break), and a very good one! He said he was always waiting for the more clubby ‘B section’ when he was playing it in his sets, so why not make a version that cuts straight to the chase. The DJ edit is digital only, which is fine, as I haven’t seen a turntable in a club for years!

Ha ha, that’s right. I love both versions! Is there any context between new EP and Panoramic EP from 2016? For me, it is like next chapter.

JB: I think every thing we do informs the next thing. My production abilities have come on a long way since then, especially in the mix. This new release and the future ones definitely have more of a sonic impact than previously.

I believe you work as a sound engineer, so that’s where your sound quality comes from, but how did you learn to use all those instrumental and musical aspects in your music.

JB: Yes I work at Rockfield studios, which has given me the chance to work with a lot of musicians and also improve my musicianship significantly. I have been dedicating a lot more time to instrumental practice and also playing with other musicians more. Being able to play the idea in my head is infinitely more inspiring than only using samples or VST instruments.

I have noticed you changed your artistic name „Jack Boston“. Boston was too hard to Google?

JB: Yes that was more a necessity than anything. There was a lot of confusion when trying to find my music online. Mostly because I shared a name with one of the most famous bands of all time! This way, all of my own music and the music I have produced, engineered and mixed for other artists & bands can be found in one place!

Is Symmetry Recording your “home label”? I know you had a release on Dispatch, but still I can feel your bond to the Symmetry family. How did you meet with Break?

JB: I love being on Symmetry. Think their ethos as a label is very fair and having someone like Break on your side is great. My experience with Dispatch was fantastic, everything was so professionally done and it was great to release some of my darker stuff with them.

I get on with Break & Kyo so well and they both have a very good taste in music and in general. I met them both with I was about 18 at a music production seminar in Bristol. I gave Kyo a CD of my music and the rest is history!

So what is next? Album, right?

The album is coming out next year. We decided to plan at least two more singles in the run up to it, rather than drop it all at once. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m really happy with the concept and the content.

Perfect, thanks so much for your time, we wish you all the best and lot of amazing releases.

JB: Cheers!

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