Why do we love drum´n´bass? Because of its immense progress which is hardly comparable to any other styles of electronic music. Year 2019 brought a lot of expectations, disappointments, but also albums so good that it is impossible to get full of them so far. We bring you our selection of the best 10 LP´s from last year which crushed our favorite collection like a house of cards. This is what we recommend (sorted alphabetically):

Chase & Status – RTRN II JUNGLE

Phenomenal British squad sent a heavy torpedo into the musical ocean and its name could not be more fitting. Groovy thing with an unmistakable signature and delightful atmosphere. London sound in its purest form. 

Document One – Document One

We will stay in UK for the next LP. You could witness genuine and unique sound of this Oxford duo in clubs for some time now, but now we can see them smashing it at big world festivals. The reason is simple: their sound is fresh and crisp. Debut album is finally out.

Dossa and Locuzzed – Resonate

Austria is not just a country of Sacher Torte, but it is also a home of some exquisite party drum´n´bass. And there is one huge success on Viper Recordings. The title track of the album will convince you of extra qualities these two producers have. It will also test your stereo system and make you keep your eyes on those guys from St. Pölten.

Hugh Hardie – Shadows & Silhouettes

Tony Colman knew very well what he did when he signed a new contract a few years ago. Hugh Hardie validated his position among gifted artists and his second album is pleasurable, airy, full of colors and melodic. Just something that fits exactly right in renowned Hospital philosophy. 

Kimyan Law – Yonda

Absolutely non-mainstream piece of art, which means this is a necessity for all of those who loves fusions, interconnections and a search for new musical universes. But it is still somehow about drum´n´bass. You can find out more in our recent review. 

Lenzman – Bobby

The head of the excellent label, The North Quarter, produced yet another album packed with some brand-new sound. This time he was inspired by his own childhood. This work excels in its producer´s self-expression and intimacy, but it does not lose notorious dynamics and charge. Lenzman can combine opposites very well. 

Makoto – Tomodachi Sessions

Makoto is almost an old school name, whose production brought many of us to 175bpm. He invited a lot of vibrant names to his seventh album: Keeno, DJ Marky or S. P. Y. And the result is refined like the finest Japanese matcha. 

Random Movement – Lost In Purpose

After so many EP´s, his very first LP is finally out. When you hear it first, it might seem inconspicuous and it can make you draw back, but you need to resist the initial urge and focus more. Then you will be surprised. It is like a good wine: with every sip all the tastes develop more and more. 

Shy FX – Raggamuffin SoundTape

The legendary creator of many jungle classics kicked off another studio album. It is diverse, also with lots of interesting guests. It shows that drum´n´bass is not just only basslines and snares. From cool ragga tracks to nice hits, at a party or in the car.

Technimatic – Through the Hours

We all looked forward to this one and we knew why. The album is elaborated from the first beat to the last one with balanced involvement of atmospheric tracks and dancefloor bangers. Consistent, polished as a diamond and full of energy.

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