It seems that quarantine also brings a lot of good. Artists apparently feel that we need to experience beauty and joy and lift our hearts through their music more than ever. In the case of GLXY, musical doublet from London, it was big success after the release of their debut album which saw the light of day last Friday.

We have been looking forward to this act for a long time. Mainly because Jonathan and Tom have already demonstrated their skills and specific approach on many EP’s and singles, which every DJ who wants to add a fresh sound to his set will reach for. We suspect that Friction was certainly as happy as the duo itself when they managed to sign their first LP on the Shogun Audio label. Already the tasting of Changed Forever, which the gentlemen presented to us during last summer, indicated that it would be worth noting the date of release in our diaries. Good shot!

There are 14 tracks on the album and in addition to excellent original production, there are also the results of a successful vocal collaboration, to which the gentlemen invited Steo on the track Conclusions, the fresh vocalist Anastasia on the track It’s Not Love or the legendary master DRS.

On the album we find a lot of extremely elaborate things which certainly deserves a place in your playlists. The pleasantly electrifying Fourtstate and definitely the track Research & Development, according to which the whole thing bears its name. It is one of our favorites thanks to its captivating intro and complex arrangement. Try it yourself!

We can only look forward to two things. When we hear this album from the hands of the artists themselves at some festival and other great pieces from their workshop. It’s spring, so let’s have fun with GLXY!

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