There are lot of discussions that DnB duo Sigma (Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzieare) are coming with music, that is more and more commercial. And… it’s true, sadly. In this article I will sum up recent Sigma work and remind some older tunes.

Recent work

In following Soundcloud playlist, you can find some recent tunes. For me, track Nobody to love (originally bootleg of Bound 2 from Kanye West) was the beginning of Sigmas new era. And you know what – I liked that track, it was fun. After that, I still enjoyed cooperation with Paloma Faith in song Changing. Paloma is amazing especially in the video for this song. But then all other Sigmas music is all the same to me. At least songs Higher, Glitterball and Redemption has the same sound, same composition, same instruments, without any invention. It’s like every time they want to repeat success of Nobody to love and Changing in British charts.

Actually there is one thing I really like about Glitteball release – two remixes from S.P.Y, this guy is just crazy, I love him. First remix ‘just’ adds nice bass line but second remix called S.P.Y’s Not So Glittery Remix is taking this track to another level. Check it.


Back to the roots

Thousands of new Sigmas fans probably even don’t know, that few years ago, their music was little different. They used vocal as just another instrument, not the main theme like today. And believe me, there was some pure gold, released especially on Adam F label Breakbeat Kaos. It’s pity I didn’t heard any release from this label for years.

Below, you can find some older Sigmas track in Youtube playlist. I absolutely love their Stand Tall EP (part 1 and 2). Both tracks Baltimore and Stronger have such a good strings and generally Baltimore has one of the best bass lines for me. And what more, there is amazing vocal version of Baltimore with mighty Jenna G. Another two classic tunes Paint It Black and Summer Days were released on Hospital Records.

Let’s hope there is a chance that Sigma will one day finish their efforts for making chart topping hits and return with some quality music. But anyway, respect for everything they did!


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