Do you like style of Soul:r Recordings and music from LSB and Calibre. So you should really start to follow Four Fit series. So far there are already 5 EPs featuring music from various artists like LSB, Calibre, Skeptical, Tokyo Prose, Zero T, Kid Drama, FD and more. And believe me, it’s a lot more then just nice liquid.

What I like the most about these EPs is, that you can discover little bit “darker” side of LSB music. Yes, you can find probably my most favorite liquid roler from LSB called Leave, but on other side, you can find something different – for many people surprising.¬†There are two examples from Four Fit EP 3.

Another perfect deep bass tune from LSB is called Omega..


Another track from EP 4 called Smother is amazing deep D&B masterpiece from Calibre, Marcus Intalex and Bricktop. You simply must listen to this.

All EPs are available on Spotify (just search “Fourfit”) or you can buy digital and vinyl from Soul:r web here:

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