Last part of 4 EPs release called Shogun 100 is out today on Shogun Audio. And if you didn’t hear anything from this release so far, you should check it right now. It is available in digital and vinyl formats. Congratulations to Friction and whole Shogun crew to top 100 releases.

Every single part of this release has some truly beautiful music, I’m going to pick one tune from each EP.


It’s not a secret I have a soft spot for music from Technimatic. You can find their typical sound on the 1st EP, and it is so smooth like usual.


From the 2nd EP you have probably already noticed track Glimpse. Amazing cooperation of SpectraSoul, dBridge and Ivy Lab. Heavily featured in many podcasts, this is a must for every DnB fan.


Nice typical chill called Emeralds from Break not to be missed, you can find on EP part 3.


From the last 4th EP you just need to listen to this track from Ed:it. I was just blown away with atmosphere of this track. Probably the best tune of entire Shogun 100 release.



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