Finally, Year of Soul Vol 1 compilation from Soul Trader Records is available now in all major stores and on Spotify. Prior today, it was released exclusive via Beatport. And there is so much to listen, you can find almost every DnB subgenre on this release.
Soul Trader Records is pretty fresh label from London established by mighty Surplus. And I really like music they are releasing. I consider this compilation as an incredible success. Even me, big fan of Surplus and Soul Trader records, I was surprised, how many excellent tunes can be delivered in just one year. There are 22 two tracks, you will have to go through it by our own, but let’s recap some highlights. Here is my top 5 selection.

First of all, my super favorite Zero T remix of track Her from Satl and Malaky got finally released. Original was great, and remix is just next level.

Next one, superb collab of trio Simplification, Translate and Masterwizard – track To The Ground. These guys are incredible, check their other music, definitely worthy of your time.

Proper Random Movement vibes in this remix, original track Come For Me from AudioSketch and Optiv.

New music from Bungle is little bit rare these days, that’s why I like this track Enclosure even more. Beautiful deep stuff, typical Bungle signature.

One bleepy instrumental beauty from Command Strange, remix of original track Blue Harbour from Saxxon.

So big up to Soul Trader, I’m already looking forward to Vol 2!

You can find all clips on Soundcloud.


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