Yes, it’s here, long awaited album from Urbandawn. First of all, I would like to apologize to Urbandawn, why? Because when Hospital signed him, I was little bit unsure about this choice (I was so foolish), but after his first two EPs on Hospital, it was obvious, that something big is coming. So sorry to Urbandown and huge big up to London Electricity for choosing this amazing guy to your family.

Now to the album – you will hardly find so much diversity on any other album right now. I really like the ‘cinematic’ touch in some track, fine crafted beats, fresh compositions. And why it is called like that, you can find out in the interesting interview on UKF web.

If you like the track Messiah Complex from album Future Sound of Brazil (track is re-released on this album) you will probably like the whole album. For me this track is among TOP 10 this year.

Absolutely awesome is the intro to the album – title track Gothenburg Cluster. You can listen to this on Spotify.

Another favorite one is Together Again with amazing atmosphere of vocal, piano and twisted bass line.

If you would like to hear some chill, definitely try track They Told Me with Thomas Oliver vocal. Little bit of contrast to the rest of the album, but that’s the nature of this album. It is not shared to Youtube or SoundCloud, so again try Spotify.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some dirty hard stuff check track Foley Funk, dance floor banger!

You can listen back nice mix from Urbandawn from BBC Radio 1 here.

Please support this artist and buy album in the Hospital Shop.

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