Yesterday fresh new EP from talented producer called Legal was released on BNCexpress label. EP is called More Then You Need and we were lucky to have opportunity to talk with Legal about his production career, background of the new EP and future plans.

Hi Legal, from the first time I heard your new EP, I knew we need to talk about it little bit. But first tell us something about you.

Hi! Thank you for your interest! I really appreciate it. So… my name is Peter, I am a romanian guy but I moved to Italy with my family when I was 12. Now Italy is my home but let’s say I’ve lived 2 different lives even if I am still a young man.

For how long do you produce? And is it just Drum & Bass that you produce?

I’ve been producing for 4 years. Two years ago I’ve started working so let’s say that from that moment I’ve started producing for real (was not that good working with 2 speakers dolby 2.1 from a really unknown brand). I started with some dubstep and hip hop as well, but soon after I have decided to focus myself on 174bpm.

What is your relation with BNCexpress label. Just that you are from Italy, or anything closer?

Francesco and Ilaria are two passionate people. We still didn’t meet but I have to say that both of them are really easy going even if they work for the label in a really professional way.

So now to your new EP called More Then You Need, how long did you work on it?

Is More That You Need 😀 actually! It’s 1 year work and I wanna thanks BNCexpress for waiting for me, encouraging me all the time.

It is really your first release? It is so good for the debut!

I have another single out on BNC in the past. It is called Take Me Away. Btw thank you for your feedback! I really hope this EP will introduce me to a bigger audience.

I really like that there are almost all Drum & Bass sub genres on the EP, was this intended?
Yes, but it is really “normal” to me – from one side I enjoy producing all genres, from the other I choose to make a work for all the jungle head out there.

I have to say, my most favorite track from EP is Railroad. Jesus man, it is so crazy! Where did you get inspiration for this?

Thank you! These are really old samples. Good you didn’t recognize it, it means i did a good job 😀 Btw the tune was born thanks to a friend of mine and yes… he is crazy.

I’m not very much into harder Drum & Bass music but track Access Denied is really good. Do you tend to produce more deep stuff or liquid?
I think that this is really connected with my mood. In these days I’m producing more deep/dark music for example.

What’s next, do you plan some next releases?
I am working on another EP for an Italian label called Singularity Audio. But it still needs a lot of work to be finished.

What about some festival, are our going to perform somewhere?
At the moment nothing is planned. We will see..

Cool, so thank you very much for your time, good luck for you bright future and I really looking forward for you next music.
Thank you for having me on your blog! Speak soon 🙂

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