Among the D&B producers there are many who do not feel embarrassed to go out of the way and sometimes surprise us with something that fits in a completely different music category. And you will listen to these tunes with real pleasure. Music that testify that their creators can handle many ways of expression. We selected the best 15 tracks. Let’s have a look at them!

Break – “In The Blue” (Symmetry LP, 2008, Symmetry Recordings)

Don Break has already released 5 great albums. Right on the first one we find a piece that is the epilogue of the whole album and makes it very narrative. Like in the good old days.

Calibre – “Colby Park” (Planet Earth LP, 2019, Signature Records)

Dominick Martin is a classically trained musician, playing a variety of musical instruments. He convinced us that D&B is just one of the musical forms for many times. But this one means something much more different: song you can hear when your soul soars to heaven.

Camo & Krooked – “Loving You Is Easy” (Zeitgeist LP, 2013, Hospital Records)

World famous Austrian duo goes behind the borders and we are sure there’s no need to introduce this track. But what happens when they collaborate with Max Steiner Orchestra which was created to bring a world class, high quality and competitively priced film and TV music? Just make sure you have enough space to shake your hips.

Chase & Status ‎– “Against All Odds Feat. Kano” (More Than Alot LP, 2008, RAM Records)

London’s champions know how to roll the dice. No wonder they are not afraid to cruise non D&B waters. In this case we are lucky they have done it with Kano, one of the pioneers of UK grime music and culture who spits rhymes like Uzi.

DJ Marky – “Freedom” (feat. Jay Love & Makoto) (My Heroes LP, 2015, Innerground Records)

Eternally laughed Brazilian legend joined Samurai´s skills in track you can choose for every summer party. You are supposed to take a sip of another Caipirinha and enjoy life because it’s nothing but the funky shit!

DJ Marky & XRS ‎– “Tijuana Frogs” (In Rotation LP, 2003, Innerground Records)

We will stay in Brazil for a while. How high frogs from Tijuana jump? High enough to make you explore Innerground Records production as far as you are eager to listen to the music which makes you happy.

High Contrast – The Only Way There (The Agony & The Ecstasy LP, 2012, Hospital Records) 

Lincoln Barrett was nominated for a Grammy Award last year and he absolutely deserves it.  His ability to connect exceptional artistic approach with imaginative ideas brings track like this. Let the music be our Cherubim.

Mefjus & Camo & Krooked – “Sidewinder” (Vision Recordings, 2019)

Schnitzel power in its best form. We would like to be in the studio with them at the very moment they thought it was done. All genres including D&B, fusion is the new path. You shouldn’t miss also the commentary for this tune.

Pendulum – “Fasten Your Seatbelt Feat. The Freestylers” (Hold Your Color LP, 2005, Breakbeat Kaos)

If you are one of those who was caused to fail into 175 bpm by almighty Pendulum, you remember this album from the first tune to the last one. The name of this track is so tight and we are immediately back in 2007.

Shy FX – “We Just Don’t Care” (Party On The Moon Limited, 2017)

While Shy FX belongs to jungle more than a jaguar, he can make you clap your hands despite you consider yourself to be the most savage raver.

Spectrasoul – “Shelter” (The Mistress LP, 2015, Shogun Audio)

We simply love them because they are not producers – they are artists. David and Jack represent something that is hard to find elsewhere and this track is clear proof: smooth slow tune with sexy voice of Lily McKenzie. You want to add this in your playlist.

Submorphics – “Morning Alarms” (Kodak Dreams LP, 2020)

The only American personage in our selection was formed in Detroit and Chicago. It is his good habit to show us his enthusiasm for mellow hip hop beats. Maybe that’s why Lenzman took his to The North Quarter label. Last thing you should do before you listen to this is to light your spliff.

Technimatic – “We Look For Patterns” (Better Perspective LP, 2016, Shogun Audio)

It is D&B and it is not but it does not matter. This one is our guilty pleasure. Have you ever realized how closely is music connected with your feelings, memories and thoughts? We have and we are pretty sure that Peter and Andy use this sense as an angular pattern of their creativity.

Total Science ‎– “All I Need” Feat. Grand Agent and Patrice Williams (Mars Needs… Total Science LP, 2006, C.I.A.)

Close your eyes and try to guess who it is. This track can be measured with work of great beatmakers. It is vibey & cool and it flows like a juicy night with your lady after you have not seen each other for a long time.

Zero T ‎– “Colour of Blood Feat. DRS” (Little Pieces LP, 2018, Dispatch Recordings)

Let´s close our parade on the route from London to Manchester. Our blood is the same no matter how fast your heart pumps it.

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