Stunning new EP from LSB and new Calibre’s Shelflife, plus many collaborations on Integral and Fokuz Recordings. Yes this podcast is more melancholic, but we like it and we hope you like it as well 😉

Track list:
1 Roots LSB Footnotes
2 Grey & Blue Skies Wagz none60
3 Tunnels Silence Groove Integral
4 Moments Kusp, Edward Oberon Detail
5 Potshot LSB Footnotes
6 The Dep Calibre Signature
7 24/7 Pola & Bryson Shogun
8 Soul Control Critical Event Fokuz
9 Unfinished Business Monument Banks 4 Corners
10 Moonshine LSB Footnotes
11 Wonder Ownglow Drum&BassArena
12 Hardbody Cyantific Viper
13 Sensations (Soligen & Type 2 Remix) Payback Liquid Drop
14 Moon (feat. Collette Warren) Mosaic Integral
15 Always Aria Undulation
16 Cedar Protone Fokuz
17 The_Guitar_In_The_Living_Room Random_Movement Flight Pattern
18 Turn & Leave Shodan RSTLSSNSS
19 Fanny’s Ya Aunt Jubei, Marcus Intalex Metalheadz

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