Closing summer with deeper music from many newcomers alongside new music from Calibre, Artificial Intelligence, Danny Byrd, FD and many many more. 21 tracks carefully selected to please your ears. Enjoy!

1 If We Ever (Unglued Remix) High Contrast Hospital
2 Simple Things Grey Code MethLab
3 9 Days R1C0 Celsius
4 Can’t Do Without It Simple Souls & MC Astro Liquid Boppers
5 Rudeboy (Spokesmen remix) Sigma Free DL
6 7th Element (Simple Souls Jazzlick) Vitas Bootleg
7 Missing Piece Artificial Intelligence Integral
9 Paradise Blues HLZ Dreamers
10 Refuse (Calibre Remix) Silent Dust feat DRS none60
11 Cloud Chamber ft. Buddie Monika Soulvent
12 I Put A Spell On You Confusious Good Karma
13 Improbably (feat. Pouyah) Command Strange Liquid V
14 All Yours FD Sun & Bass
15 Devils Drop Danny Byrd Hospital
16 Losing Myself Data 3 Flexout
17 Another Long Journey Invadhertz Peng Dominion
18 Galactic Agreement Djah Fokuz
19 Leaving Town Surreal Fokuz
20 Labooko Villem & McLeod Spearhead
21 Night Dawns (feat. Lauren Archer) Pola & Bryson Shogun

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