New album from Makoto, futuristic EP from Bladerunner, very unusual track from Logistics, lush Pola & Bryson and again another big remix from Urban Dawn. Many surprises during last month, so check it out!

Track list:
1 Nexus (ft. Pola Bryson) Makoto Hospital
2 To The Stars Icicle LIR
3 Where You Want To Be (Original Mix) Scott Allen SoulDeep
4 The Whisper Of The Wind Mage Celsius
5 Morning Sunrise (ft. Danny Wheeler, G Force & Blu James) Makoto Hospital
6 Abandon Pola & Bryson Shogun
7 All My Love Bladerunner Hi Resolution
8 Show Me How You Feel (ft. Lorna King) Makoto Hospital
9 End Of Time Bilateral Signals BNCexpress
10 Thinking of You MD Soul Trader
11 Shine On Through (ft. Mountain & Karina Ramage) Makoto Hospital
12 With You Simple Souls Four Seasons
13 Intensity Bladerunner Hi Resolution
14 What Is Gonna Make You Happy? (Urbandawn Remix) Pierce Fulton Potential Fun
15 Valentine Blade Innerground
16 Flamingo Club Grey Code & SubMarine MethLab
17 All the Time Macca & Vector Intrigue
18 Le Retour Kove UKF
19 With you Skeptical, Safire, Morph featuring DRS Plasma
20 Unreleased Dub – Simple Souls
21 Ancestors Logistics Hospital
22 Our Way ft. Florence Rawlings Terror Soulvent

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