Bow to the Camo & Krooked for what they have achieved in this project and praise them for incredible gift to the diversity of DnB scene and music in general. Yes they really deserve it.

1st of February 2020 a miracle happened in Vienna. Camo & Krooked performed stunning live DnB show with orchestra under the Red Bull Symphonic project. Honestly, one of the biggest things ever happened on the DnB scene.

Project and Behind the Scenes

Many months ago Red Bull helped to connect Camo & Krooked with famous classical producer Christian Kolonovits and 74-piece Max Steiner Orchestra and put super ambitious project ahead of them. Is it even possible to come up with DnB and classical fusion on such a huge scale? Can this be interesting for classically trained composer? Is this something for orchester where mainly everybody are pretty unaware of DnB music existence at all? Can you play instrument in 175 beat per minute tempo for almost hour and half? Yes, this one was challenge!

I have learned again, that any kind of music, if it’s well done, if it’s smart and musically intelligent, that it can be a challenge.

Christian Kolonovits

Amazing to see how many new things can two genres learn from each other. How many challenges must have been overcome and how amazing is the result. All project preparations and behind the scenes are available in emotionally touching document.

Full Red Bull documentary is must watch and it is available here.

Show Time!

After long preparation it finally happened. Two shows on the 1st and 2nd February 2020 were performed in the famous Vienna Wiener Konzerthaus. And it was success. Huge success! Endless tension before the start, amazing intro, some of the greatest Camo & Krooked hits classically reworked, Tasha Baxter live with stunning Black and White performance, standing people dancing and never ending standing ovations. Probably Wiener Konzerthaus has never seen anything like this.

And you probably missed this unique event like many others. So is this over? Two performances and that’s it? Hopefully not! There are already rumors that Camo & Krooked will be touring with orchester next year. So pray and cross fingers for your city to be visited. Thanks god!

Hospital Album Release

So what can you do until Camo & Krooked visit your town? You can check their Facebook page for many nice videos from the performance, especially this video will please every “Corona business” fan. You can watch Red Bull document plus all extras available on their page, or your can listen to the full album with 22 tracks that was released earlier this month on Hospital Records. And you can send some message to Camo & Krooked to let them know that they have done something extraordinary and we really appreciate it!

Stream and download link –

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