When you say Alix Perez, most fans think deep. Dark and sophisticated, like Elephant Dream. However, Alix Depauw does not only rule with a dark producer’s hand. Apart from countless singles and EPs, he has so far completed two LPs, on which he has already shown that his work has a much more delicate side. From the legendary debut album 1984 from 2009 with hits like Forsaken or Contradictions (it is impossible not to mention the excellent single Melanie from the same year) through Chroma Chords (2013) with things as perfect as We Could Have Been and The End Of Us to a small big LP, which is being published today. Ladies and gentlemen, Without End is here!

Alix released the single Lost & Proud in early September. On this track he is accompanied by the voice of Liam Bailey (if you are hearing about this English singer and songwriter for the first time, you should go check out the discography Chase & Status. For this album, Alix has invited Liam twice and it was a good move even in case of the track called Moving On). It’s a pure delicacy. Attentive listeners may remember this track from Alix’s set as part of his performance at the Keep Hush underground music head member club last November, which closed his fantastic music show for a selected few in London’s Peckham. It should be mentioned that this whole set deserves attention, because it is an example of the current versatility of Alix Perez. And that is exactly what he shows on his fresh album.

One of the absolutely fantastic tracks is Someone Else. Do you know the feeling, when you just know, that the music you’re listening to exactly copies the matrix of your mindset? It is cool. It is gentle. Aspirant for this year’s TOP 10 tracks in our office. It is a masterpiece and each additional word is too much. Just feel it.

A slightly deeper piece is the Perfect Stranger, which Alix worked on with his partner in crime Halogenix. It’s got the perfect beat, which shows that the 1985 label is still one of the best places that go full throttle in today’s non-mainstream D&B and have the ability to masterfully combine talent and craft.

If we were really curious about something here in Music Intelligence, it was Alix’s collaboration with Jack Stevens aka Workforce, who’s got our attention, since he broke away from the second half of the duo Spectrasoul. And it worked – two experienced guys in one track, that is brought to absolute perfection. Like Blurred Lines. A simple bass line, piano melody and a good idea are just an unbeatable simple and functional equation.

Alix announced that it would be a “mini LP”. There are only 8 tracks on the album, but each one is better than the other. If you are hesitant to pay attention to this act at all, or even get it in your audio library, you do not have to worry about losing time or money. Without End, it is one of the best things that have been created this year.

Stream or download – https://smarturl.it/onef30

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