I would be much happier if I could write this Tribute to Marcus Intalex during his life. It’s hard to say how sad I am to write it after he left to the musical heaven yesterday. By chance I played some of his tracks on the party on Saturday and again it turned out how timeless is his music even after 15 years. People simply have fun with his music.
I do not want to write long stories about Marcus, I just want to mention a few things I really liked about him and post few tracks that will be remembered for a long time.

If you don’t want to read any further, just play this playlist with 10 tracks that I like the most.

Soul:r – Even though his own music production was crucial, one can say that the main impact on the whole D&B scene was through his sixth sense for working with great talents. Let’s recall a few who, 15 years ago, had built a D&B scene with Marcus under his label Soul:r – Marky, ST Files, Calibre, High Contrast, XRS, Sonic, DRS, D Kay and many others. And for the last 15 years since then, his label kept a unique sound, never slipping to the commercial side of D&B music.

M.I.S.T. – I think the best music from Marcus was produced under the project M.I.S.T. with the producer ST Files or under the project MISTICAL with Calibre. I can safely say about this music that it is really timeless and we will be playing this on the parties till the end of our lives. I really miss their old sound and flavor in the recent D&B music.

Sun and Bass and Outlook – For me Marcus was part of the spirit of the Sun and Bass festival. His performances were always special, unexpected and beautiful. I really liked his poker face and zero emotion style while mixing in front of absolutely crazy crowd. Last year at the Outlook Festival, there was an amazing Soul:r boat party with Calibre and LSB and later that day beach party during sunset. Yes, that is Soul:r music for me – soul, vibes, beaches, sun and happiness…

Calibre – I somehow feel that the bond between Marcus and Calibre was significant for the whole
Calibre’s production career. I consider his work as one of the biggest blessings we saw on the D&B scene ever. You can find my tribute to Calibre in this article. Perhaps we would not have been able to experience Calibre’s music as it is without influence from Marcus.


I hope this is a last loss for a really long time. D&B scene is not ready for this…

Marcus, huge respect and big thanks for your contribution and effort, your music will live on. Farewell…

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