It has been long 6 years since Brookes Brothers released their debut album ‘Brookes Brothers’ on Breakbeat Kaos, one of the most influential album of D&B history. You can check this Album Flashback.

Guys now exclusively signed to the mighty Viper Recordings released several EPs and remixes in the recent years, but it was obvious that new album is coming.

It’s here, it’s called Orange Lane and it’s a big thing. 13 tracks full of varied mixture of funk, disco and bass influences. We believe something for everybody. Probably the biggest strength of this album is wide range of vocalist including ShezAr, Charlotte Haining or Pierre Da Silva. Older big singles Good To Me, Climbing High (feat. Danny Byrd) and Carry Me On are also included on this album.

It is hard to pick the best track, you should listen to the whole album and make your own opinion, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed… The easiest way how to explore this album is this Album Megamix.

Big up to Phil and Dan Brookes for crafting this album a we hope we will see next one sooner then after another 6 year.


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