He is modest, shy and connected. With himself, and his mother country, even though he was forced to leave. Kimyan Law represents exceptional personality and talent. His music connects the elements of heaven and earth with all the things in between.

He is 25 years old; his mother is from Austria and his father from Congo, but they left it a long time ago because of a cruel civil war. Since Kimyan’s childhood, he has found the greatest cure for all the pains in music. When he created music, he put all his focus into it. He mastered production of electronic music and found ways how to express his personal feelings and emotions through it. His music can remind you of a colorful place, full of scents and magical images, like his homeland.

No wonder that he attracted attention with his first album Coeur Calme in 2014 and was nominated for Best New Producer at Drum & Bass Arena Awards. In 2016 Zawadi LP was another proof, that this producer still has a lot to surprise you with. Third album Yonda was released earlier this November and it clearly shows that drum & bass is not just a repetitive, content-free scheme. Kimyan Law is a character that constantly challenges the limits of music. It shows that human imagination embedded in musical space and time has an unlimited potential.

Kimyan Law goes far beyond the typical 175bpm production patterns. So do not expect anything you may be used to. In any case, do not expect mainstream. Yonda is all but the conventional production, which you can easily find elsewhere these days. Yonda is a refined, diverse, yet consistent album. It is not to surprise that it has found its port again in the label Blu Mar Ten Music, where names such as Seba, Mutated Forms or Need For Mirrors release their music. 

Press play on any random track, or play the album from start to finish, and you will find that you are served a delicate material which nuances you are almost unable to describe. Yonda boasts pure electronic sound with drum and bass elements that blend tribal arrangements with a subtle emotion that will make you want to sit down as comfortable as possible and focus on every second of this music completely. 

The voice of Elyn, a Swiss singer, is easily linked to the spirit of the album. She accompanied two tracks with her vocals, which are amongst the most pleasant ones to be found on the LP. The opening Jardin or Understory are soft and light like a hummingbird feathers. Most of the tracks are downtempo, but for example the Kin track is also halftime.

Is this too subtle for you and the raver inside you regrets wasting time with mellow tracks? The track Seven Ant Foley will quickly persuade you otherwise. An energetic hit, perhaps the most illustrative of Kimyan’s versatility, and his ability to connect seemingly incompatible worlds, has found its place in the Drum & Bass Arena YouTube Channel. As written in one comment: “A journey itself.” Well said.

If you have ever seen Kimyan performing live, you know the feeling when you watch his head bent over the mix and see what his sensitive hands make up. He rarely overlooks the audience, but he knows what is going on. His music will tie your feet close to the floor so that it can pass through you as strongly as the energy of the earth itself. It is almost like feeling the shocks and pulsations of volcano cores on the oldest continent, then there is a sudden gust of wind that promises life in endless variations. Or you will be surprised by the barely noticeable vibrations of the beats and you wonder what their real source is: the movements of the speaker, or the voice of your own self that you have never heard?

Whether you are only into some subgenres or if you are a fan of new ways, Yonda will delight you. Yonda touches you and opens other horizons. In any case, it leaves you with that deep feeling that music is not only a beautiful pastime but also a powerful voice of the human soul. From Kinshasa to Vienna, and then to your home.

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