Should we wait for LP or be happy even with something shorter? It doesn’t matter with Lenzman. We can call his latest project by any name and it won’t change the fact that he pulled a winner with this mini album. This year’s project has 8 tracks and quality wins over quantity.

We discovered Danny Sanchez thanks to the first single Gimmie A Sec. This talented singer from South London combines harsh rap with his soulful vocals and the result is just great. Including a perfect video clip.

We love Lenzman’s music for his skill of fusing. He knows very well that hip-hop understands D&B immensely. Emceeing goes well into live gigs and studios, and Manchester’s MC Slay gave Lil Souljah a good portion of crispy cool feeling as it has created this wonderful ode to fatherhood.

Lenzman added Fox to the Starlight track. His job is smooth, distinct and quietly refreshing. We are very happy to hear MC Fox again – he has been in the game for the second decade and his voice still has power. After all, it is apparently inherent to all known MC’s from a major cultural hub of England.

The only remix on the album was done by Jubei, a racer from the other side of the 175bpm highway. He can work with other producers (let’s remember for example this piece and with that Marcus Intalex – in 2 weeks it will be exactly 3 years since he left us). The drive to the neighbors in The North Quarter in a Down for Whatever car was quite successful.

Lenzman has once again shown that he is not a solo player and likes to share different approaches to music. However, his style does not change much and that is great. A good third of the album is represented by tracks, on which he worked completely alone. Old Times´Sake won us over. In five minutes, a jazz line will revolve around you, as soft as a scarf made of finest cashmere, and it won’t let go.

The only thing A Little While Longer can be criticized for is the absence of Dan Stezo. But instead of him, we find names that make up for it more than enough. The most important thing is clear from start to finish: it’s still Mr. Lenz, a synonym for attention to detail and simple musical passion.

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