No long introduction is needed. All categories stayed the same from the last year. You can find my comments on 2015/16 changes in the last year’s review.

Some general comments to the finalists choice – I just can’t help myself and I have to post this tweet from Ninja Ninja. Wise blogger :-).

Actually I wouldn’t say it is such a tragedy this year. Of course some top quality music is missing but considering fact that finalists are voted by general public let’s be happy with this result.

So this is my vote this year:


Best DJ: DJ Marky

Same like last year and year before… I still really think we should push Marky to the first place in this category, at least for once, please come on! Happy to see Randall among finalists.


Best Producer: S.P.Y.

This year I was thinking about something like Marcus Intalex in memoriam. I hope he will make it to the Hall of fame this year.

Break, Alix Perez or S.P.Y., that’s the question… Last year I voted for Break. This year I will give it to the S.P.Y.


Best Newcomer: 1991

Since I don’t consider Whiney to be a newcomer (big up for the album anyway!), this year it is 1991 or Pola & Bryson. Last year I gave it to P & B, so this year it must go to the 1991.


Best MC: DRS

This is complicated category for me as I generally don’t like MCs. BUT! The amount of quality music around DRS was insane this year. Some of the biggest D&B anthems of 2017 are connected with this guy, so he has my vote.


Best Vocalist: Jenna G

With Collette out from the final group, it is Jenna G vs. Riya fight. In addition I would like to mention finalist Charli Brix, she did some of the best vocals this year.


Best Club Night: Hospitality

Hospitality continues to deliver high standard club nights with huge portfolio of artists and every time when Tony comes, it just a bonus 😉 Yes they are growing really big, but still there is some spirit of old hospital parties. Hospitality in the park must have been huge!


Best Festival: Sun and Bass

This year I made it ‘just’ to the Let It Roll festival (review here) and it was fun! But somehow I still have great memories from Sun and Bass in my heart and I will definitely go there next year. Miss you quite a lot Sun and Bass, here you have my vote…


Best Track: Cocooned – Bungle

Like every year I can just cry and ask why? Where are all those amazing tracks from this years (Ninja Ninja was right :-)). Low Bow from Benny L is amazing. Ember from C & K is beautiful. Blej from Halogenix is cool. But there is one special track that I really didn’t like for a first try, but after some time I completely love it – Cocooned from Bungle.


Best Album: Somewhere between the light – Nu:Logic

My favorite category. But wait! Where is Makoto, Gerra & Stone, Blu Mar Ten or Macca & Loz Contreras? I really respect music from C & K, but somehow I prefer their previous album. So it is almost draw between Nu:Logic and Whiney. Both stunning albums. This time Nu:Logic win.


Best Label: Dispatch

Every year, this is tough category. Almost every label that I really respect. I found myself in deeper admiration for Dispatch music this year. Every release was so special, I was really enjoying their music.


Best Remix: Bristol (Break remix) – Technimatic

I am missing Spotify playlist like last year to be able to quickly listen to all remixes. But anyway, winner in this category is absolutely obvious. I vote for it in the first round, now I repeat my vote for Break’s remix of Bristol.


Best Music Video: If I Could – Camo & Krooked

I really like mountains, timelapse videos and quality D&B music, so my choice is clear. If I Could – beautiful video.


Best Newcomer Label: 1985 Music

My favorite labels 1985 and The North Quarter are not new this year. I’m missing for example Soulvent or Soul Trade ot the final list. Let’s support Moshbit this year.

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