Your reactions after the first issue of this selection did outspokenly surprise us. The discussion gained cadence and we had to humbly admit, that there are many other non D&B tracks by D&B producers that definitely deserve our attention. It is clear, that music is as infinite as time itself and the digest can never be completed. Are we wrong? Let’s take a look at another pieces, that we should not miss today!

Alibi – “The Hornet” (The Hornet EP, 2016, V Recordings)

If you don’t know this Brazilian duo, we are going to change it quickly. Luckily, half of it is based in Austria, so it is not a problem to catch live sets in Europe. It’s an experience. Their production is far from being limited to D&B. More of that, please. 

Black Sun Empire – “Spork” (Lights And Wires LP, 2010, Black Sun Empire)

Three names and one legend. The overlaps that the Utrecht boys have been showing us for almost three decades make up to the entire universe. This track is an atmospheric material that will bridge your synapses, of which you may not have even known about.

Break – “Conversations” feat. MC Fats & Cleveland Watkiss (Another Way LP, 2018, Symmetry Recordings)

Vibrato never disappoints. Whether in modulating the beat, or in the voice of the real vocalists. Sit back and arrange a conversation on any topic. The leitmotif is peace, tranquility and a gentle move of the whole space.

Chase & Status – “Hits” (feat. Tinie Tempah) (No More Idols LP, 2011, RAM Records)

London is a melting pot. There aren’t many metropolises, where cultural influences mix as much as in this musical epicenter. Saul and Will know this well and they show us, that people are divided into two basic groups: those who love music and those, who don´t know, how to live.

Joe Ford – “Frozen Sound” (New Blood 013 LP, 2013, Med School)

Although educated as a musician, Joe is actually an engineer. A sound engineer, whose creative essence is a feeling for combining hi-tech gadgets and precise melodies into one highly synesthetic whole. Close your eyes and let the music touch your body.

June Miller – “Aged 23” (feat. Case) (Brave Man, 2012, Sonorous Music)

Mark and Bart usually tore dancefloor with the bangers that can destroy your stereo so that this piece was pure surprise.

Lenzman – “In My Mind” (Reprise) (feat. IAMDDB)” (Earth Tones EP, 2017, The North Quarter)

Money, Gold, yea”/”Feel it in my soul, yea”/”Running all night long, yea”/”Feeling in control”. This one is the anthem even without D&B patterns. One must love it in any form.

London Elektricity – “Born To Synthesize” (Billion Dollar Gravy LP, 2003, Hospital Records)

Back in the old days. This album is absolute classic and voice of Liane Carroll made it unforgettable. Live at The Scala is still in our hearts!

Netsky – “Puppy” (2 LP, 2012, Hospital Records)

Few current producers are so criticized by bigoted ravers as Boris for betraying the rhythm, from which they originally started out. You know what? It mainly depends on how open your mind is. Puppies play just for the game itself, regardless of the opinion of others.

Noisia – “Machine Gun” (Machine Gun EP, 2010, Division)

Nosia is a true pioneer in the field of electronic music itself. It is no wonder, that the name of this group means – in reversed order – the name for a phenomenon, that most of us can only dream of. Musical vision as sharp as machine gun fire.

Spectrasoul – “Burst” (How We Live LP, 2017, Ish Chat Music)

Did Dan Moss suspect, that this one would become part of a work more extensive than what would fit in 193 seconds? By the way, his majesty Caliber doesn’t remix just something and in this case, he certainly didn’t have to think long. Quality attracts quality.

Tokyo Prose – “Cold Hearts” feat. Cleveland Watkiss (Wild Grace LP, 2018, The North Quarter)

New Zealand doesn’t mean just State of Mind, Tali, Trei or The Upbeats. There is also someone much more subtle. Tokyo Prose has three albums under his belt and we are eager to hear the next one because of his innate versatility.

T.R.A.C. – “Pursuit” (feat. Paul SG & MC Conrad) (Life In Motion LP, 2018, V Recordings)

A combination of the Viennese jazzful wave represented by its crown prince and the throat forces of Gotham. This really works!

Zero T – “Pharaohs” (Baby Grand LP,  2018, The North Quarter)

Another hip-hop beats. You should definitely check the whole album – it is full of mellow tones as well as pleasing D&B. Chances to find good Irish producers are close to zero and Cian McCann improves the overall balance by zillion percent.

1991 – “The People” (2020, Sable Valley Records)

Last one, kids. Make sure, there are no witnesses to watch you, when you rave on this. It will trap you and make you wriggle with no mercy!


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