New albums from GLXY, In:Most and Submorphics, finally Future Compilation, new EPs from A Sides and Command Strange, many many newcomers and some other anti-corona treatment. This is April 2020 Podcast. Enjoy! – Promo / Demo submission

Track list:
# Track Title Artist
1 Come Back To Me Paul T & Edward Oberon
2 Fixated ft. Logistics In:Most
3 Start Key Nelver
4 Blue Moon Command Strange and Nizami
5 Together Again (I Pray) Urbandawn
6 Tha Bird Ft Dj Marky Dossa & Locuzzed
7 Golden Era (feat. Steelo) Command Strange & Danny Wheeler
8 Who Knows Me Changer
9 Juicy Fruit NEO-GEO
10 Arctic A Sides feat. MC Fats
11 Collide Changing Faces feat. Lottie Woodward
12 Freedom Lix
13 Memories of You Submorphics
14 New Religion (Exposure Remix) Paper Dragon
15 Conclusions feat. Steo GLXY
16 7th Heaven Neve & SD
17 Cheap Love (feat. DRS) Workforce
18 Dime Piece Stunna and Calculon featuring Lailah Reich
19 Griffins (ft. Gramma Funk) BCee
20 It’s a Mystery Amante
21 Rest Assured (ft. Lavahi) Facing Jinx
22 Uprising (Revisited) Artificial Intelligence
23 Dominoes feat. Charlotte Haining Deadline
24 Fighter (S.P.Y VIP) (feat. Lorna King) Dr Meaker
25 Lonely Now Felix Raymon feat. Jamal Dilmen
26 Sit & Watch The Sunrise (Phil Tangent Remix) Changer feat. Leo Wood
27 Desolate Styke
28 Abstraction feat. Ruby Wood GLXY

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