With clubs closed and festivals canceled we can see how the pressure of second wave of corona pandemic started Drum & Bass podcasting and video streaming revival, delivering some D&B goodness to suffering fans. There are so many streams and podcasts around, so we tried to find out which are really worthy. These are not all streams emerged with corona pandemic, but some of them we can personally recommend. Please consider supporting these guys, you will find link for donations in the streams and podcasts descriptions.

Don’t forget to check our Music Intelligence monthly podcast.

DJ Marky

DJ Marky had already very nice podcasts few years ago but after Soundcloud terminated his account he stopped with podcasting. Thankfully he is back now delivering some exclusive corona business. What we really like about these streams is that he rotates classic D&B streams with “influences” streams delivering more funk, disco and soul.

John B

What else can you expect from the man like John B than super weird stuff! And it is so good! Don’t miss his weekly Twitch and Facebook streams including some super visuals, demo listening, production tips, vinyl sessions with lot of Star Trek and Foghorns madness.

Doc Scott – DNBvid-19

21st March 2020 marks first episode of DNBvid-19 from Doc Scott – 31 Recordings boss. You will find incredible amount of exclusives, forthcoming stuff and dubs in this podcast.


Recent music from Mitekiss on Hospital Records was just wonderful. Why not to join regular live feedback Thursday’s sessions with this guy or his music production tips streams. Especially feedback sessions are so detailed. If you are not so much into music production, just try his standard Mitekast – regular podcast that he started last year.

Bryan Gee – V Recordings Podcast

Yes, legendary V Recordings podcast with Bryan Gee! This has nothing to do with Corona, we listen to this podcast for many many years. But important is that Bryan added second “mid month” versions of this podcast so we can enjoy even more exclusive dubs from this man. Don’t forget to check also his shows on Bassdrive radio or Pyro radio.

Collette Warren – The Mic Diaries

Our favourite D&B vocalist started something pretty deep. Interview series called The Mic Diaries, so far featuring Tali and Stamina. This maybe didn’t started because of Corona lockdown, but we are glad it is here. If you prefer more music than talking check regular Intrigue live session on the link below.

BCee – Spearhead Podcast

Another veteran who again started streaming with Corona is BCee with his Spearhead Podcast. You can find best selection of liquid every Saturday on his Twitch or Youtube account and later on Facebook as well.


No this is definitely not a new podcast. But if you consider amount of love and hope that you can get from any Spim’s podcast, we must feature this here. Armed with Stella beer and good mood you can find Spim twice a month on Bass drive radio and later also on his Soundcloud. And it seems this man already successfully fought his battle with corona virus, so you can get some anti corona tips!

Shogun Sessions

16th of October 2020 – first episode of brand new Shogun Sessions with Pola & Bryson, Monrroe, GLXY, Gest and Visionobi on mic. As we understood this should continue on monthly basis.

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