Another single from Technimatic duo vibrated the eardrums of the D&B world inhabitants today. Apart from the fact that this is a fantastically wonderful thing, it is also exceptional because the gentlemen published it themselves. And it is already their second track. Three months ago, they actually founded their own label Technimatic Music, and they seem to be really serious about it.

Still Miss You flew out of their nest like an eager swallow in early February. The involvement of the great Charlotte Haining was a sure bet. The gentlemen did not underestimate marketing and talked about why and how the label was created in an interview for UKF. Timing is half the battle. They revealed that we can expect a total of 6 digital singles this year, which will be released on vinyl at the end of the year under the name Everlasting EP. Today we finally have the second sixth of this collection and again it is a joy in crystal clear form.

The duo also boasted that they would release the best music, which was ever created under their gifted hands during the entire time they have been in the industry. They say we are in for a surprise. Who can say such a thing? Only those who work hard, have skills and therefore real self-confidence. And Peter Rogers and Andy Powell definitely have all of that. Let’s look back and do a little retrospective of their career so far. Before we get to Technimatic as an unmistakable couple that has been successfully sweeping clubs and festivals in recent years, we need to go back in time. At the beginning of everything there were two separate names: Technicolor and Komatic.

Let’s start with Komatic. We have to go back more than 10 years. Even then, he made perfect tracks with an extraordinary atmosphere, precisely crafted and without exaggeration – timeless. You may still remember Lucid. Together with Night Fell, it is the most significant early production, which was already released in 2007 on the now inactive German label Phunkfiction Recordings. At that time, other important names such as Paul SG or Anile found their place there.

The time when you managed to roll the joint during one track! Generic production didn’t mean hours of dull music and when something came out, it was mostly worth it. It was no different in the case of Technicolour. Peter’s first works appeared more than a decade ago, for example at Technique Recordings. And those tracks still have balls too. They combine an energetic approach and melodic playfulness, and time has proven that they still hold well together.

What brought those two guys together? Perhaps it is the ability to combine all the significant attributes that distinguish boring music from one that you can never get enough of. Birds of a feather flock together. It happened sometime in 2007 and their names then appeared more and more often on labels such as Critical, Hospital, Viper, Fokuz or Spearhead. This is where we can find one of the first results of their cooperation. Track Make The Most of Now in the remix of one half of the duo suggested that this musical partnership definitely has potential.

The key moment for the future direction was the entry of the duo into the arms of Shogun Audio. It was here they anchored for 8 long years. The eight is the most powerful of all numbers: it is a number of ambition, will and imagination, a number expressing destiny and balance. All their albums were created in the perimeter of Brighton. The first of them, Desire Paths from 2014, brought the musical duo to the attention of a wide audience. Pieces such as  Like A Memory or Night Vision simply could not be overlooked and the album was ranked among the Mixmag´s Top Albums of 2014.

We´ve waited 2 years for the second studio record and it was just as successful as the debut album. Better Perspective brought other famous pieces like Clockwise or Parallel (LSB himself dared to remix this one).

The next pause lasted a thousand days. But it was worth it – it brought the LP Through The Hours and with that the gentlemen definitely entered the scene of British and world leaders of the genre. The album is technically brilliant, colorfully imaginative and radiates something that no one has been able to create in a lifetime: their own unique style. Thanks to amazing tracks, it has found its way into our selection of Top 10 Albums of 2019. True Believer or The Nightfall get us to our knees whenever we hear them.

“Well c’mon and lift the shadows off my mind…” This is exactly what Technimatic did the same year at events like Liquicity London, Hospitality In The Park, Let It Roll or Rampage.

Their mixes are also worth mentioning. They have been published more or less regularly since 2015 under the names Summer and Winter with tens of thousands of listenings. Definitely jump to the boys website. In addition to being fresh and full of great merchandise, you will find thirteen mixes there.

Their style is extremely varied. They can get you to your knees thanks to bass rollers and shoot the mood towards the sky with the softest liquid sound. The production is not afraid of remixes, which have revived tracks such as Seba, DC Breaks or Blu Mar Ten. Two remixes also appeared on the brand new remix rework of LSB’s second album called The Blue Hour Reworked. The fact that the London duo got into a small group of chosen ones like Break, BCee and Calibre only underlines their uniqueness.

The start of the label can therefore be perceived almost as an inevitable step in the life of this couple. They were prepared well. At the beginning of March, they moved all major videos and essential content to their new YouTube channel. In addition to video clips, you will also find the most successful recordings from live gigs (including the oldest one on D&BTV) and a lot of remixes.

And what about Shogun Audio? Hard to say. We went through all the social networks of this label as well as the channels of Friction. Nothing could be found anywhere. We were a little disappointed that they did not wish the couple good luck on their new journey. But we are sure that this happened anyways – over a few glasses of stout and the departure from the home stable took place with a sincere handshake.

Technimatic is a guarantee of top music quality and there is no doubt that it will still be that in the future. After all, Andy’s electronic music production school First-Hand where it is possible to arrange a direct one-on-one class with him, makes this clear: “You just can’t ever know what’s possible until you start your own journey.

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